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Sunday, September 17, 2006

yo. this blog is really... hmmm so i just drop by to crap a while. =)

mugging? i got prob concentrating in the day so ystd was a nocturnal animal. haha. yet woke up early today. so weird. sth wrong with my biological clock. really scared for promos. hmph. but last time my coach always say there's nth to fear but fear itself. haha nvm crapping.

i didn't get to fill in the dates i am free for the chalet leh.. dunoe where the paper pass to.. heehee i can foresee a crazy chalet .. haha. esp w mayyee ard.. sure laugh until die one.

anyway just good luck in mugging. jia you. take care of health too. yuanli, speedy recovery for ur ankle!

jingru crapped at 10:07 AM

Saturday, September 02, 2006

We Live In Singapura

Sang Nila, UtamaSaw a lion, alamak
Name the village Singapura, then run very far
Years later, ang mor came
Stamford Raffles was his name
Posed for statues very nice, we kenna colonize


Singapura very strong
Big guns all, pointing wrong
Japanese, came on bikes, invade us from our backside

War is over, ang mor back
Singaporeans no respect
Commies come, make a fuss, Singapore independance!

I live in Singapura
It’s not perfect livingBut at least it’s interesting
I live in Singapura
Though it’s kind of crazy
We win other country

David Marshall, Lim Yew Hock
National Anthem starts to rock
Yusof Ishak the big man, guess who’s PM?

Malaysia say, come join me
Two of us be same country
Then not happy, Then make PM cry

PM Lee lead country
Build jurong and HDB
Made the country clean and green, opposition cannot win

JB Jeya no more funds,
Chee Soon Juan won’t eat his buns
Lim How Doong, what a goon, ‘Don’t talk cock’ in parliament

I live in Singapura
It’s not perfect living
But at least it’s interesting
I live in Singapura
Though its kind of crazy
We win other country

Hossan Leong that joker sang this.
Remember Larry Choy gave us this billy joel song
We din start the fire?
sing to this tune... lol

~|30j crapped at 7:55 PM