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Sunday, August 27, 2006

this is a pic of the class jacket we r gg to order from CIC... each cost around 28 bucks w/o customisation...
pls give ideas for our own design (e.g putting the 06s30 somewhere on the jacket) and who wans to be the designer for this jacket?
anyone got strong and violent objection abt this jacket?

and don pon tcher's day to go back sec schul ar...

xFinrodx crapped at 10:35 PM

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Hey you all today go tm so late then call me i was already gonna fall asleep at home...

Anyway just a request... If you got any nice pics please upload them on photo bucket. And if you got any nice songs under 5MB please upload it to yahoo geocities can? Dun you think the song and pics are getting a little too boring?

For both the password is the same as out blog's one yea? Then after that if you all know how to change then change in the template part... if not you can ask anyone who knows...

Can we find someday we go to HQ for pool/tennis or bbq?

~|30j crapped at 11:11 PM

Monday, August 07, 2006

I was just wondering if you ppl might want to change your display pic... i was just doodling on the comp and i came out with this pic...

Anyway have a happy national day hol guys!! Dun stress yourselves out!! Hope to cya guys soon=)


~|30j crapped at 10:01 PM

Sunday, August 06, 2006

so nat hols any plan to go HQ or go out? but if its on tue i cant go.. =( should go out lar.. all of us relaxed together first then pia our stuff for the next few days.. but PW deadline for 1st draft WR so near.. scary and SPA...

oh for joel, sm and ah ma, we changed econ tutor agn.. not ms lim anymore.. now its a MR lawerence. indian i think haha he not bad lar.. we ask a lot of qn he can ans us quite well, just that he very slow... not say bad cos slow then we can understand better. he isnt very very good. but i dun think i will mind if he is like that for the rest of the time. just scared that new tcher always very good at the start then become lazier and less good as time goes by....

very tempted to pon schl tmr and tue leh... so fei4 go schl for 1 day plus... but got maths lecture on mon.. or else i will be more than glad to miss GP, PW, maths+bio tutorial.. haha. anyone has any idea if we need to wear red/white on tue? but we dun need worry much lar cos DRAcO shirt is red/ white..haha

superband over.. MLB won yeah! 9 pm show also over. should settle down and study le. esp chem. or else mrs toh will come haunting after me... haha

jingru crapped at 11:19 AM

Friday, August 04, 2006

heez..=p suddenly have the urge to blog in the class blog.. these few weeks got a lot of gan chu... haiz.. dunno why also.. maybe is because of the piling workload and never finishing things to do.. haha.. recently my brain cells like degrading.. aiyo.. cos a lot of time i cant seem to get what others say.. distinguish whether they are being sacarstic, exaggerating or talking nonsense.. haiz.. or i have to take a longer time to understand a joke.. ah! cant stand myself sometimes... haiz.. jr and fio keep saying i am realli very slow.. haha.. sometimes they like also quite sick of explaining to me all over again when i cant understand what they say.. then will often say 'no comments' to me..=p haiz.. *frustrated* maybe sometimes it will be better not to say much, otherwise i will just make a fool of myself.. haha.. can someone donate to me some quick-wittedness..? heez! hmmm.. i dont rmb me being so lag in sec sch days eh.. dunno why recently like that.. like getting worse.. aiyo.. terrible.. well.. nvm.. hopefully it will get better..=p
btw.. gd luck everybody! all the SPA, PW deadlines, tests etc etc.. all streaming in.. so hope that all of us will be able to cope with everything.. muct rmb to stay consistent.. heez.. yup yup.. haha.. dunno why suddenly got so much to say.. normally i wont know what to blog de.. my whole mind will just be blank.. nothing to write in the blog.. haha...


-=knighty=- crapped at 9:50 PM

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Wah...Wei the end of the outing u got a harem arh...

Yesh....2 more skewl days to tuesday...I can't wait...I am so gonna piah like siao until that day...then relax after spending 2 hrs in skewl...damn...90 cents wasted...

Hey if u all want to come to HQ for fun and recreation...tell me quick i can go book...swimming pool is free for all...the swimming pool is clean one...guaranteed...on weekdays only a few expats use the swimming pool one...the chidren can go splash in the kiddy pool for all i court will definately be empty fans like me can all play together...the only thing is the pool table..tat one hard to say...

Press on victorians the day we are waiting for is just round the corner...yeah...

^_^ Kenneth-san ^_^
PS:Muneru Valiba Muneri Endroom................We are Singapore...We are Singapore...Stand together hear the lion roar....AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGHHHHHH

-=knighty=- crapped at 10:56 PM

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

oh that day went out with ah ma.. realise miss u a lot...!!! we the once-foursome left with 3 of us only.. then that day fio nv go outing.. when was the last time all 4 of us met together? hai..

wow wilson gave sucha detailed description of outing.. haha class outing but like only half the class went and take 'shifts' to go for outing somemore.. haha

today the national issue talk was okay lar i think but all of u fell asleep. haha i think except me and ruihua and wilson nv sleep.. then the whole row of gals got so many different ways and angles of sleeping.. hehe interesting view.

bio mock spa was hectic and chaotic. no time to finish my report. then got anomaly somemore.. dun like spa. hmph.

tmr got career fair.. got PE (yeah!).. got lots of lecture (one of which is econs.. eewww :( ) .... then long day for most ppl plus cca. take care everyone. we all seem to doze off in lectures.. haha jia you!

jingru crapped at 7:13 PM