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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

yo this is something u all muz go...

Pls pls pls pls pls pls support me and haiting in:



thurs 11 may
7.30 pm
VJC Performance Theater

@ a remarkable price of only $8 !!! yes S$8 !!!

im a ticket dealer of are you waiting for???buy the tix!!!


+_+ Kenneth +_+

P.S. Buy only only from me

P.P.S. : eh baoz...I'm sure you want to go nihon right? >_< >_<

-=knighty=- crapped at 11:23 PM

Monday, March 27, 2006

Many joy and laughters we all share. It's really a great deal of pain to part with you people. A crazy funky lot, whom i've spent many afternoons with.

My friends, remember...

True friendship isn't about being there when it's convenient; it's about being there when it's not.

We will stay together, but we will grow seperatly, and we will never be apart.

Let's keep in contact. Distance isn't a stumbling block towards our everlasting friendship.

~|30j crapped at 10:03 PM

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

sobs sobs...
stuck at home wif food poisoning!!!
wasn't in skoo yesterdae
and todae
hope u guys will neva hafta suffer food poisoning
its reali horrible
ur stomach will hurt so badly dat u'll be sweating and screwing ur face up in agony
NOT exaggerating.
well at least today i'm jus a teeny bit beta to come to the com to blog
hope i'll be back in skoo tmr

Anonymous crapped at 9:46 AM

Sunday, March 19, 2006

all right, the odac camp was a hell lot more exhaustive than i had expected. on the first day, we went to pulau ubin. there we walked from 9.30am to 7pm with our 25kg bags. then at night we had to set up our own individual brasa. i forgot how to tie the ropes and it was so dark. so i was really desperate. and throughout it all, i was asking myself, what the hell am i doing there when i should be at home on my bed. the second day, we ran around singapore, iuncluding hiking the macritche 4.8km route, then hiking up bukit timah hill through a SUPER steep route also with our bags on. then we had to run arn fort canning park. later we hiked from victoria sch all the way to the far end of east coast where the national sea sports club is. and throughout the journey we had to pretend we have a casualty, meaning we have to ccarry the person with his bag and run like hell. that was terrible. on the third day we kayaked from 9 to 4 then we ran 5.6km. thursday and friday was SO much better. throughout the first 3 days, i half wanted to give up and go home. the camp really made me appreciate the little things we are all so used to, like a can of iced cola or our couch at home.


-=knighty=- crapped at 11:09 PM

Saturday, March 18, 2006

i SURVIVED!yea yea..i came back from's a real tiring and super super hiong camp to' my very first experience of attending such a camp.OHH..BT ONE MORE THING, my legs have became pig's trotters..fell down during the climb up and down Kota Tinggi,got quite deep cuts,went to the docter just's wrapped liike a mummie.i looked like some alien when i walked back from the clinic.everyone was just staring at me like some exhibitionist.hmm//sad case, first day to wear my vj uniform with an ugly cast on my legs.haha, my legs are super red now, due to the sunburnts from the 5 to 6 hours of was rellie fufilling for me due to the fact that i'm a handbeller last time.i think i'm quite lousy in the grp, like everyone is so physically strong.i think i got the worst injuries out of all the trainees in the camp.hmm..the selection of instructors not out yet,but i rellie enjoyed the camp.there's some times i rellie wanted to give up, haha.but i rellie needed to push my self to carry on.the most gruelling day was day 3.after kayaking for abt 6 hours, feeling super tired and sunburnt, we came back to vj and ran the cross country route, whoots!hahaah,i bet i can lose a few pounds after this camp,after wallking for more than 8 hours on the first day in pulau ubin.OHH,not to forget, got this freaking damn spider spun its web from my ear to my nose lar,during my first nite of sleeping in the barshar tent, damn that even trapped a small tiny insect in that pathetic web.the last day was our happiest day, all of us got to eat MACDONALDS, oh my god, it tasted damn heavenly after so many days of eating bread, energy bars and biscuits!okies, there's so many things to elaborate, but i'm too lazy to write them all down!hehe..tata

-=knighty=- crapped at 8:08 PM

Thursday, March 16, 2006

yay...look at me...see the wide toothy grin??? I'm one happy squirrel...whoah raymond...impressive... : )

ok ok i will pass the disc to the first 06S30-ian i see on monday okay???
Grr...has any one revised their notes yet??? I admit i haven't....Grr...if i don't start now i'm so dead.... : (

Argh...i actually tot this hols. can piah anime one...i'm so wrong...when will i ever finish inuyasha???????????????

oh yah does any one have the anime movie: Grave of the Fireflies(Hotaru no Haka)? i wan to watch...its supposedly very very very very sad...

Eh pokki gang...dun eat all those sweet pokki arh...the chocolate and strawberry varietys may cause cancer....O_O is tat true?

tats i wasting your time?remember to support me and Haiting arh...dun pang seh arh...
Jaa Ne...

+_+ Kenneth +_+

-=knighty=- crapped at 9:50 PM

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Well, finally the silencer broke the silence... sounded so unsilent din it? And ya well kenneth is really a natural. Raymond, pls dun just advertise leh... but send me the videos? and kenneth i'll surely support you and haiting=)

At this point, Joel has an advertisement:
Please come and support the cat high symphony band by going for their concert.
April 14 or 15 i forgot the actual date

Class outing k? pls pls pls i helping my fren sell tix


Anyway, i pounced upon this poem, riddle wadeva... take a look at VJ... it's so damn right... and AJ... even righter...

Q: How many RJCstudents does it take to change a lightbulb??

A: 4 whole faculties. One fac to design the newbulb,one fac to test it out, one fac to market it andoneguy to write a stupid Email about lightbulbs.

Q: How many HCJC students does it take to change a lightbulb??

A: The whole compete withRJC.........

Q: How many VJC students does it take to change a lightbulb??

A: The whole to screw itin and the rest to cheer and wave flags and banners togive him/her support.

Q: How many NJC students does it take to change a lightbulb??

A: NO LIGHT STILL CAN STUDY!!!!!Q: How many AJC students does it take to change a lightbulb??

A: They're too busy trying to be one of the top 5JCs...

Q: How many ACJC students does it take to change lightbulb??

A: None......they use all their money to employ YJC to do it for them.

Q: How many YJC students does it take to change a lightbulb??

A: None.....only one teacher to tell them what a lightbulb is in the first place and to demonstrate(how do you think they're able to change it for AC?)

Q: How many CJC students does it take to change a lightbulb??

A: They'd prefer it darker..........(hmmm...*raiseeyebrow*)......

Q: How many JJC students does it take to change a lightbulb??

A: None......Their physics is so bad that they make the male teacher cry.....

Q: How many TPJC students does it take to change a lightbulb??

A: Would they bother??

Q: How many SAJC students does it take to change a lightbulb??

A: None.....they believe in praying for it.

Q: How many NYJC students does it take to change a lightbulb??

A: None.....they are still using oil lamps.

Q: How many SRJC students does it take to change a lightbulb??

A: Huh, wat litebarb ...

Q: Dun you guys wonder who wrote this??


Q: How many TJC students does it take to change the lightbulb??

A: None. They think they are very bright already.

And if you ppl haf realised, which i think most of you havent, jingru obviously stands out in fotos... like the JTS one, in george blog, she obviously got her face circled by george... and the SLV one, like posing for miss singapore... i cant put the pics up i dun know why aso... but well i'll do it some time...

Meanwhile, to sleep i go, as i just wait for the next day to come and go... nothing to look forward to except this friday...


missing puzzle of S30... yours truly, Joel

-=knighty=- crapped at 10:52 PM

Monday, March 13, 2006

Guess I'll take the initiative for once and not wait for anyone to ask me to blog, not that I'm waiting for that to happen anytime soon. Sorry for sort of being too quiet and all that, I'll try to change soon, on the account that everyone stops calling me some silent killer or something.
The photos are finally up, well at least some of the more important ones are. I actually already have them burnt quite a while ago and passed the disc to Wilson who subsequently passed it to Kenneth, so those who want the complete set of photos (and some interesting videos)please bug Kenneth for them. The 全家福s (my first usage of the Chinese language in 5 mths)can be found here <> & here <> (albeit without me and Benji). The various grp photos <> (grp 1 i suppose) & (not sure which grp). Yes i know there are 4 grps, don't fret if yours isn't there, just bug Benji for them. May Yee and Xin Ying's photo (as requested by them): <> and a very happy Kenneth: <>. Just click the all sizes button above the photos to get larger-sized ones. I can't get a pro account cos I don't have any credit or debit cards and neither am I willing to pay them (Paul might sponsor) so just make do with the 1024 by 768 one. If you are using some 17" or bigger screens and want to set either of the photos as your wallpaper then I'ld suggest you bug Kenneth yet again for the original pics than make do with ugly pixellation (surely our photos deserve much better than that).
Sorry for boring you guys out with my lack of well-placed smilies and such but this is my first post and I'm not a natural unlike Kenneth. Guess thats all for now.

-=knighty=- crapped at 11:52 PM

wah....this holiday is CO prac. from 9am to 5pm on Monday to Wednesday...arghhh...

wah then the song are like so u all muz come support me and Haiting for the CO concert arh...dun say i never tell u all.... >_<

But seriously i'd rather slack for a whole one week than come back to sch. for practises...sadz

oh yah....I saw paul this morning as he got up the bus to his camp...lolz his group is called 'hurricane"...yeh...hurricane paul is gonna spice things up in the tent i'm sure...i suppose if he's gonna do it it will be abt now..."unleashing" the animal in him...growlz...wah...i just hope he dosen't end up eating the tongkat ali that can be found in jungles...lolz...tat would one would sure rouse him...oppz.. i think i said too much.... :X

tats all...No. of post ever written in my entire life:2

+_+ Kenneth +_+

PS: Lets all wish Paul and Yuanli and Co. dun get into any mishaps yah???

-=knighty=- crapped at 9:41 PM

The quiz was quite lame yea?? Well dun be too sad if you scored 90 and below... not too bad... and dun jump off the bridge to ECP or anything stupid k kenneth?? Kelly IS xiao cui anyway, just to let you people know =) apparently it's our CT rep and Asst CT rep who scored the full 100 marks yay!! Well the holidays are really getting real boring, staying at home the whole day... Someone ask me out for an outing or something? At least it was better than the tiresome 1 week that has past... Well, to all those 1st time bloggers in s30. Blogging isn't really that difficult yea? Just write watever you want... unleash your true potential as a pro blogger... like tom in i not stupid too... Kenneth your post rox man!! It's so lame it brought a smile to my face... Maybve 1 day someone should ask raymond to blog.

Yuanli: Dun feel too sad being last in the register. I'm always the last, since P1. yes. I also miss seating beside you for lab lessons. Well anyway, now you have a table to yourself. Isn't that better?? =) and crapping with you was fun.. haha.. I really wonder how you're gonna survive OLC... go there with a 40-litre bag, come back become ah ma liao, hunchback...wrinkles... bagy eyes... =X Jkjk... Have fun yea, come back and become macho, or you could come back with your hair in a total mess with twigs all in it...

Seriously i wunder how the people sleeping with paul aka horny in the tent can survice the night... 4 nights or 5? Just imagine late into the night, you as an inspector walking round, then you see this tent shaking vigourously in all directions, hearing horny sounds, ahhh...ahhhh...ahhhhhh...ARHHHHHH!!! That must be paul trying to harass his tent mates, finishing after which he would go *slurp* like he usually does in class... 0_0'''''

Did priscilla go? if she did at least yuan li would haf a ban4 both of them laughing ultra loud at nite... so the 3 of them come back all can catch flies with chopsticks cook slugs and escargots, plucking chicken and quail heads, becoming savage beasts... erps... i shall sign off before it gets any worser...

Btw i still really miss you people. Really like to thank s30 gurls for the v-day foto you gave me... i still hang it up and cherish it T.T


-=knighty=- crapped at 3:34 PM

Sunday, March 12, 2006

here i am bloggin on the clz blog for the first time! be grateful tat i am bloggin. it'syou guys' honour hor!
anyway last wk was such a lousy wk. mainly was cuz of the appeals stuff bah i guess. was quite upset tat shimin cant get in. now jilakat gang lack of one person and we became prisoners san ge hao ren. sucks big time lah!
okae though it had been onli two months plus tat we have together with shimin, it's really a great thing to noe her. mayb it's through eileen that we got to noe her beta and became really wonderful girlfriends. i will rmbr the times tat we spent in the igloo on the table soccer, the crazy singing at kbox, the sharing of beehoon with her after pe, the time when we all got sick together , those bridging and lunatic laughter and more and more fun stuff we did at vj. haiz guess it's fate bah. shimin you must get used to tj okae. i noe it's hard cuz no me equals no fun. but well, you can always drop by vj for some table soccer or apple orange :) will miss ya lots i guess. must go out during hols or once in a while to catch up a bit hor! can mug together for promos an mid year! yeah baby!
anyway shimin, thks a lot for being such a great pal! take care hor! hav fun in tj! we mite be in the same uni yeah~take care ah min. huggs!

ps: joel take care too yeah! ahma hav fun in rj!

yucai :)

-=knighty=- crapped at 9:48 PM

here i am bloggin on the clz blog for the first time! be grateful tat i am bloggin. it'syou guys' honour hor!
anyway last wk was such a lousy wk. mainly was cuz of the appeals stuff bah i guess. was quite upset tat shimin cant get in. now jilakat gang lack of one person and we became prisoners san ge hao ren. sucks big time lah!
okae though it had been onli two months plus tat we have together with shimin, it's really a great thing to noe her. mayb it's through eileen that we got to noe her beta and became really wonderful girlfriends. i will rmbr the times tat we spent in the igloo on the table soccer, the crazy singing at kbox, the sharing of beehoon with her after pe, the time when we all got sick together , those bridging and lunatic laughter and more and more fun stuff we did at vj. haiz guess it's fate bah. shimin you must get used to tj okae. i noe it's hard cuz no me equals no fun. but well, you can always drop by vj for some table soccer or apple orange :) will miss ya lots i guess. must go out during hols or once in a while to catch up a bit hor! can mug together for promos an mid year! yeah baby!
anyway shimin, thks a lot for being such a great pal.

-=knighty=- crapped at 9:48 PM

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Heyz u all...pardon me if this post gets screwed up...lolz this is my first time blogging...I think I seriously have no life lar...

Sorry i never go candy fest...hahaz...if i dip my marshmallow into the fountain i think i'll contaminate the whole system...then u'll see like maybe half the draconians visiting i being lame???I already have this condition like for almost a week...Do i need medical help???I like the good thing this illness has given me is an extra low, more manly voice...=P

But other than that i want to thank Joel, Ruo Lin and Shi min for being such great classmates.

I dunno wat to sae...but dun be so sad ok Joel? there's still plenty more years we have to prove ourselves...see you in NS and NUS!!!I will always remember u as one of my best budds in 06S30 along with all the other guys.. You can come to my house to play pool if u like but its beta to ask in advance ok?

Eh Ba-san why never let us see amber gardens??wish u a fun and enriching stay in RJ...have u seen Shaun yet?

Note to shi min: u coincidentally share the same chinese name as my sister...O_O betcha no one knows tat...So im shi min's xiao di di

dats all for now i this okay for a super noob?

+_+ Kenneth +_+

PS:"Shusekki Bangou" mean seat number and "go" mean 5 in jap

PPS:Yuanz teach me how to catch flies with chopsticks and cook snakes and slugs afta your ODAC camp ok?

-=knighty=- crapped at 10:49 PM


its really my 1st time in my entire life
so many things hav happen n think if i don write it down i will regret a few yrs later when i cant remember anithin... but i gonna repeat some stuff hui ting hav said in her entry...

yea it's mondae tat ruin my mood 4 O2...sorry to wilson 4 ponnin O2...not tat i dont giv u face... i was too preoccupied by the appealin stuff...esp shimin's..

i hav known ah min since pri 2 or 3 in tuition klasses all the way up to sec 4 so we r on friendly terms n got closer durin sec 3 n 4 a-maths tuition...where we go 4 bubble tea n play games like bridge or uno under void decks... n oh my gosh when i first stepped into 06s30 i totally freaked out... my jaws dropped!! she is in our klass!! besides sway sway gettin into same klass with yc n ht who hav been in same klass as mi since sec1, shimin is the best present guan yin gave mi 4 the first 2 mths...

den mi n shimin joined the the same n med trng was great with her around and i still remember durin some of the games we played, the 2 of us hav quite a number of good perfect passes which earn the coach's shouts of "good play!!" ...oh man the best ball with her was when i got cornered in a corner n managed to pass the ball down the left flank n the ball subsequently ended in the soccer net...the image is still in my mind...sob...will never for med soc when i pon she will jus cover up for mi now tat she is in tj i dunno to continue med soc not as i will feel so bloody lonely n left out...she is a great fren to hav around... alwaes not leavin u out... now when dere is free time b4 soccer trng i feel real sad if i m left alone to rot since yc n ht hav their own stuff n cca to do too...oh man miss ah min badly...

yep she is real nice, hardworkin n responsible gurl.. it is vj's loss 4 not acceptin her appeal.. she never pon lesson even if she is sick she will even drag herself to the igloo cold lt5 4 chem.. it is the soccer team loss of a great right midfield...haiks... jus wish soccer gals team was more established n so she could use soccer to come it...

oops i said too much sad stuff in front... ok here comes some cool facts i bet huiting dont even know abt shimin... ah min hav some fave phrases like: "pi-gu(as in butt)" n if u did somethin quite bad n u tell her bout it she will sae "good!" cheekily...she is a very fun person to b wif... once durin soccer training i thot i sat on some wet mud that got stuck to my pants... so i asked her if there is anithin on my butt she replied got... ur pants lo...when i heard that i was shocked!! she really become as siao n haywire as huiting n i le...oh n she conferred huiting the title bird leong!! haha... n oh ya ah min is very generous think her 2 mths here dono treat the rest of jilakat how many times le... or shuld i sae we kupped her food!! lol...ya n as bird-bird hav said she alwaes help us buy drinks esp fruit juice... n she is really outgoin... once, mi, ht n yc wanted to go to tj carnival n gelare outin at parkway to meet old sec 4 klassmates, ah min agreed readily to our request when we ask her to join us... think the best part was k box sessions with her n table soccer in igloo... realli miss those 'kbox sessions" we held in the concourse n canteen... haha think we drove the rest of klass crazy with our quite awful singin esp mine n huiting's hee...esp kuai le cong bai... i miss hearin shi min sae hey hey!!

now everythin reminds mi of her... go trng think of her esp when i hav to go home alone..go canteen c fruit juice think of her...go igloo think og her n ht soccer bettiongs.. at home packing bag.. see liquid paper n folscap think of her...cos she is alwaes providin us with these stuff durin lessons... go 4 econs lecture think of her,whenever we pon she lend us her notes...go hall 4 assembly,remember the crazy n retarded photo shots we took... oh man I JUS MISS life is jus so sad so sad its a sad sad situation...

the past week is a chore as if time passes so slowly... everyone in jilakat was low... even when i try to put a smile on my face n b isnt gonna our heart we hav lost shimin physically to tjc(we noe we r best frens still!) everyone was quite down... but i m very touched shimin came back to vjc on mon trng n wed soccer friendly srjc...we did well with 4-0 win by the wae..n shimin u played well!!ok shall also apologise to yucai here... sorry for accidentally spilling the f word durin pe on wed... my temper was real bad den n i don like gettin balls smashed up on my face... i noe it wasnt on purpose on ur part cai...sorry gal i m still feelin quite guilty now :P much so... i hope everyone tune back their frequencies after the march hols n get on with life... ah min go out one of dis daes k!!shimin n joel, no matter where u r 06s30 will alwaes
remember u,no matter wad u all do 06s30 will giv u full support!! we love u!! smoochies 4 ya!!smuacks!! shall stop here!!bye bye!!

-=knighty=- crapped at 10:48 PM

heh..i came to blog.ha.finally.hmm..let me start off by saying that i miss Joel, SSSHHHIIImin and roulinggg.
Joel, really glad that u have thought thru and u should enjoy urself in has a very good principal there..haha.dun make ur life miserable, it's the way u wanna live ur life,so just be uself--no regrets!!i miss crapping with u more chem prac partner..i'm sitting all by myself at the lonely seat in the lab,sadly,i'm the last register again.
SHHIminn..i mis calling ur name mr choy is calling shiyuan and shitian the way he called u.anw, enjoy urself in tj too.i bet u can make friends easily,u'rea very sociable girl..wilson misses u,the whole class must go out again kaes!jilarkat gang seems so quiet nowadays without u. rj?all of us miss u!i miss making fun of u..drinking from ur leaking water bottle which is always wrapped in plastic bag.i saw ur same converse bag in the canteen..i tot u came,but i tot rongly..haha!really hope to see u soon!.

currently..real busy preparing for ODAC.had precamp today..quite tiring,think it's gonna be real tough, mentally and physically torturing for the 5day camp!feeling quite everyone has experience of making tents and stuff, and they're all from uniform zai.haix, and i'm like from handbell, feel so weak inside the group!but nvm, i shall encourage myself..hehe.hope i really can survive thru.even if im not selected, at least i went thru this experience.hope to be a fufilling one.hope i can come back in one piece...wonder how's the night walk..oh my..should be damn scary,bt i trying not to think abt it.everyone should be busy attending their camps this march more first 3 months and playing asshole taidi anytime anywhere.oh ya,thanks wilson,for giving so many situations to expect for this camp.haha,u act scared me..that's all everyone...tata

-=knighty=- crapped at 10:44 PM

Hey everyone... Just for a little fun and laughter, click on the link on the sidebar... do tell me your score. If you dun score 100 go slap yourself on the face 6 times, bang your head against the wall 5 times and jump into the koi pond, then after that jump off the overhead bridge to ECP... haha jkjk=) It's really nice and pleasant to see you people. Just makes me feel so much happier=)

-=knighty=- crapped at 5:07 PM

miss you ruolin, joel and shi min. hope u can settle into ur new jc soon but pls never forget us. the class list dun have ur names.. but in our hearts, u all always exists and has never left us. cheer up! and ah ma, just started taking up ur maths rep job. haha need to pass up $5 photocopy fund to mrs ang ystd but so difficult to find her in staff room. bad start to the job. everyone take care. i just fall sick AGAIN. 38.4 degrees ystd. hope everyone enjoy this march hols cos term 2 onwards starting to be tough le....

P.S the whiney song is nice!!=)

jingru crapped at 12:41 PM

hey! haven seen u guys for so many many days! time is passing so slowly now that i can't imagine how i actually survived and got thru this week. i miss u guys so much! missed all the times where we juz went crazy over small small stuff and laugh like some there's no tml. like wad joel said, i missed nagging about having to ask you all to hand in maths assignments and all. it's hard to be adapting to a new environment and everything juz seemed so different.hai. anyway please organise a class outing and call me along too!! please please please. wilson you get the hint.

ah ma misses all of you.
take care. =)

cello lover crapped at 9:59 AM

hehe... okie... we have finally finish our draco banner today after our hot gal and you cai went arnd finding white paint in the afternoon... thx man... house function... Me, paul, bao bao, yuan yuan, priscilla, hot gal, you cai, andrew and george went to support may yee in her firs house com event... well... she ask me to buy some prata with cheese sausage and mayo... it is good... haha... we use our own marshmallows for the choc fountain and i think the house com found out and is not very happy with tht... house com sorry sorry... we r broke... thn while waiting for may yee to go home tgd at 8... we have this band who came up to perform... omg... i cant even hear wad they r singing... the music is too loud... all of us have to cover the ears... thn we went to the swing... haha... lol... george nearly made killed us... heeee... thn we talk abt ghost stories and make the gals freaked out... haha... oh well... actuali we haven started on any stories at all... thn we went back to the concourse... and they were having lucky draw... too bad... none of us won any prize... afta tht may yee asked us to go home firs... wad a move... made me wait for an hour... grrr... lol... but it was kinda fun... well done may yee and house com... hehe.. keep it up... have more house functions thn we can go get free food... hehe...

well... tht's all... yawnz...

s30 4eva!

xFinrodx crapped at 12:30 AM

Friday, March 10, 2006

hey shimin, joel.
i'm not good at consoling people. so sometimes i'd rather not talk about it.
but really, we really miss you people (this includes ruolin).

i dunno how to express myself la.
i'm not good with words.

so pls come back to visit us. ok?


-=knighty=- crapped at 9:47 PM

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Hi everyone!! This has probably been the longest and worst week of my whole entire life... The best time this week was to see Kenneth, wilson, shi tian and jing ru at the fountain of wealth. I wrote a dedication to all of you leh...

I guess everyone should know by now that my appeal, sadly is also unsuccessful. Everyday now i go to the other end of singapore all the way at AMK to turn up at AJC. That's the factory building that you see all the way in AMK. haha... Just like shi min, I've also been asking myself the same question... Why not me. Well i've tried my best and it's probably fate that is barring me to study in the same school as all of you. These 2 months were the best times i'll probably have spent in the coming 2 years. All of you are really nice people, including S11. The many times that we've spent together as a class...helping me to campaign for council, SLV, banner painting, the many breaks spent playing asshole taitee and bridge, settling all other stuff. Basically, the things that i want to mention, Shi Min has said it all. Yes, and the most important thing of all, which really made me very reluctant to leave... Forging great friendships... I'm not around with you people anymore, who are really the best and i will cherish these great memories more than ever!!

Like Shi Min, i want to thank the class for everything. It's all deep down from my heart. I'll start with Paul down the list!!:-

Paul: aka horny!! Hey man! You're really a great person who just brings joy to the class with your horny ethnics and words. Haha... i was the one who started giving you the name horny... All the girls and teachers just can't seem to help but laugh when you talk to them with your tongue twisting speed of talking!! You're the first person i knew in s30... So well thx for the laughs. I'll miss you =)

Fiona: Quiet but hardworking girl who just seems to want to get her thoughts and feelings through to everyone. Keep trying. Some day you'll succeed in doing so. Though i've not really got to know you more. I can tell you're a very nice girl who's personality is well, ya jovial.

Haiting: Came to me for a first impression that you're a very quiet girl who is very loner. Well it doesn't seem so... JJ fan!!! So gentle. Haha, the first time i saw you playing pool was well ya at kenneths place where you were thinking of more chinese words than which ball to pocket... haha... go for it man, yo're confirm a potential topscorer in VJ. Work hard gal, i'll be topping AJ before you know it... haha

Kenneth: Hey my lame and gay fren!! You're so full of crappy jokes that really entertain people!!! You're a very nice and obliging person... Many times i ask you go out with me and you did. Continue being lame man, it's god's gift. Make use of it and the class will be alive!! Persue your animae dreams man... Gundam seed destiny, alchemist bla... haha, i'm just not the jap type. Speaking of Jap, learn more of it man, your very lame smile and look on your face would probably make you look jap...OK... i'm being lame... Continue drawing on the GC. I'd like to compete you next time >=)

Bao Hui: Bao Bao!!! Your gang's the best, as shi min has said. 0 casualties... perfect condition. Your girl gang really is the most LOUD and active and always cracking jokes among yourselves and then bursting out in laughter in econs lecture!! Well, i'd probably miss the time when we take the bus back home together. And also the time where i proposed to you in BK PP =) ... It's now a memory...

Xin Ying & Sheryl: Hey bball gals!! Extraordinary sportswomen!! Haha, really very punk gals on the outside, but nice people on the inside. Sheryl: Shimin really described you well enuff and i can't help but to agree.

Benji: You're so freakin lucky you got in with the same points as me. Well, how's being an OGL?? Afterall i was supposed to be one, but now it's just a dream... Stop joining chem/ med soc. Go for something better man... Enthu but don't want to show only...

Hui Ting: Quote:'I'm the hottest gal in town' Who said that i heard from someone... even mr foo was turned off... Hey, to tell you the truth, I LOVE YOU*muackx* so stop spreading scandals about me and bao bao... i'm spreading one now... haha. Youdun look like you haf the netball look or even the sport group but the kind of auntie who plays tong xiao majong... haha... Who's file are you carrying now?

Ruo Lin: aka Ah Ma... i dunno why but if you're reading and revisiting this post, cherish your chance of a lifetime at RJ, for many 1st intakers were kicked out... and unlike you, they cant get back in. I'm sure you'll see the liht at the end of the tunnel at RJ. You really god at naging and hounding people for maths assignment. I'll never forget that...

Yu Cai: Jilakat!! Haha although i've not really known you well enough, but i sure hop that you can cope with life without shi min. How're you coping in CO and piano ensemble? Never mind your piano skills not good la, i'm not much better... Oily Vege...

May Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee: Hey plant stop photosynthesising... Go donn your VJ attire and you'll be brown as i dun know wat... Wateva it is... i really cherish the times that we had taking 135 home and being loud together, but most of the time you... haha, anyway, really ant to thank you for such a nice 2 months... keep in CLOSE CONTACT, we only stay a road away... oh, may be this time you and yuan bao and pris would like to draw you ppl in VJ uniforms, or shi min in Tj or me in Aj...

Priscilla: Hey you're really very unpredictable at times. 1 thing i'll never forget will be my dare... call you and you sounded like you just scolded someone...

Jing Ru: Kangaroo... dun jump until you break another 2 more fingers la... And jiayou!!! You're the only gal left not passing napfa... Dun go join wilson for 3rd period la, later you break an arm... Nice mass dancing with you!!! Go for it... Top A level student in S'pore... JING RU!!! I'll be waiting...

Shi Min: Haiz... cheer up k!! Hope you're adapting to TJ life. Lucky you at least TJ is so close to VJ can see them so often. AJ is miles away from VJ... Anyway... really missed the times we had together... copying your lecture notes when seating beside you, cheering for you during the House Soccer Event... great memories.

Xiao Cui: Oi Chem rep!! Dun go to sick bay liao la, and dun pon lecture camp inside band room... later everyone no chem lecture notes ar... Just a tip from me... Mrs Toh LOVES to pick on the chem rep... be careful. Finish all your tutorials, espacially CHEM!!!

Sharrvesh: Ar! You i'll never forget. My first indian friend who goes about calling me 'ZHOU'. No one has called me that. You're the first man. And with your striking shoes... you're just too unforgetable to be even forgetable... plus the fact i get to see your face everyday in AJ... ya your twin, sheeva. Sometimes it just makes me want to walk up and start talking to him, but i just can't. So near yet so far...

Wilson: Yes... 2 months are just like 2 years. I really miss the days where we go back together... talk about all the whatevernots and everything. It's just well... i dunno wat to say. But these were the greatest memories i'll ever cherish. You're a great CT rep... Jia you!! Go run for CT chairman... overturn leslie's reign!! Still remember what happened on the first PE lesson and your encounter with TAN YOU HWEE... it's normal actually. All JCs you go, the pe dept cannot be messed around with..

Raymond: Silent killer... You're a really good listener. Serious. Go be more enthu... show everyone you're not silent... But thanks really for listening to the rants i've been complaining to you about everytime we go back together.

Shi Tian: Dun worry. You're not forgotten. Yes... go all out for it. go for house comm together with may yee. I'll give you my moral support. Tell me when voting opens man... apparently i can still log in to the vj blackboard. Dun feel too stressed you seem like you're so gonna go mad... Take a deep breath and relax... it's only the start.

Eileen: Little vampire... That's my impression of you. Everytime you start baring your teeth and go 'arrrrrrr' and the many times you all scream at the foosball table... you are really not looking like what you are when i first saw you...i tot you're the very chinese and quiet kind who goes home after school everyday immediately. Turn out you're such a cool gal!

Yuanli: Yucks Yuan!! Bimbo!! Haha you just have so many things i can think of. You and your spiderman... Your BIG ROUND AND STARING eyes... bla bla bla... Though so soft spoken, you're never a bit soft... Haha i know you always kena by wilson one... who knows man one day there will be internal affairs... ... ... ... jkjk

Joel: This is for the VJ Joel. I'll never be the same person at AJ no matter how hard i try. I know i have to adapt to life there and i probably have to throw my fun side back at VJ... The past 2 months has seen me go through lots of ups and downs and really foster strong ionic hydrogen covalent wateva bonds there are, and friendship bonds which can never be broken... i have left something with all of you in s30. Name of Jilakat Gang... given by me=) and horny also me... andi can't remember... there's just too many things i'm thinking bout you all now...

Well and last but not least to Samuel, David, Shu Gen(haha my first thought was tree root no offense though), Shi Yuan and Rui something...: Enjoy your time here man and gal. This is the best ct in VJC. You'll never find any other class just as crazy as us!!!

Well, some last words to the different gangs:

Da guys: We're all in a gang everytime...wilson, paul, shitian, kenneth, raymond, me... benji ar stop straying away... class spirit man... Dun ever leave me out the next time you all go play pool hor... Call me... Aj the phone reception is very good. You need a trick shot champion around...

Jilakat gang: First time i heard huiting shout JILAKAT when playing bridge in the concourse. Anyway i aso din know what it meant la so i was like nvm. Then the whole gang started to shout Jilakat... the Kalaji... you're really a crazy gang. Then the net moment huiting started singing, and then the rest joined in...-.-" with that kind of singing... pls go join musicfest... i think thats wat i said. And at the igloo, screming your lungs out over a small little ball... but it's the fun of it. I miss it. I douti'll even be able to see it at Aj.

The mouldy oreo gang: Yep plus a plant... Continue drawing your uniforms and cracking jokes... Your gang is the luckiest not to have any casualties... best of frens yea? All the time we talk lame stuff and go back together...

The scholar gang: led by none other than our very own kangaroo with 10 A1s... you'll be the pride of s30. Average students, as mr foo says... And i see you have been fast in recruiting a replacement for the unreplaceable ah ma =) class bonding.

Last but not least to my seniors s11: Choon Yong, Andrew, George, Puei San, Hong Jun, Yan Ning, Izam, Rui Qi, Do-an-na... Thx for all the fun and laughter this crazy gang has brought and inculcated into s30 and me. Love all of you. Unforgetable times, like JTS... and special thx to puei san my angel whom i was not able to guess until 13th Feb...

Well i guess i shall end here. Wo3 shi4 you3 yuan2 wu2 fen4 with VJ and s30. It's been a really enjoyable time with all of you. There's no banquet that never ends. mine has ended with s30... Let's keep in contact kaes? Luv ya... And 1 thing i really realised when i got to AJ. You girls are really Chio bus man. Hui ting are you happy?... i'm serious. I Just came to realise how shuai VJ guys are and how chio vj gals are... Take a tennis ball throw surely is can one. AJ really cmi... tata... signing off

Joel aka JZ aka Zhou

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woots i'm finally bloggin..

hmms dunno how to start..before monday during the weekends was like super scared for shimin..didnt want our fun days to end..
so on monday..i think monday i experienced the worst emotional rollercoaster i've ever had in my whole freaking day started out with the jilakat gang minus shimin in the hall and we were like quite high and laming o2 was rather sian so we started ponnin..prolly not that it was sian but cuz we didnt haf any mood..hmms so me,eileen and you cai went to parkway and wanted to meet shimin dere but she went back to vj to ask bout her appeal we went to kbox haha..and eileen left us for soccer shortly me and you cai were singin in kbox and were super high jumping around and screamin around..but jus wanted to scream and in the midst of singin will think of shimin and get worried for her and sit at the sofa and say "how how?"

so we managed to cheat 2 hours of singin time and sang till bout 7..and we went to parkway to rot cuz hafta wait for their call regardin the appeal results and wait for their soccer to end and come haf dinner wid us..and were practically rotting at parkway walkin around and thought of buyin shimin cards..but never bot in da end..cuz didnt know wad to buy and it was too last we sat down on the benches near the anderson's icecream at the escalator dere..each time we received a sms or when we sensed the vibration of our phones our hearts will skip a beat..super at bout 7plus 8 the phonecall came..and eileen told you cai "cannot" and you cai said out "cannot?" and i asked you cai "cannot?"woots..haiks so anyway obviously her appeal failed and dere was a moment of silence..and we started crying..dunno tears jus fell down..and we went to the toilet wantin to wash our faces dere in case shimin saw our state and in da end we cried terribly super terribly..and wilson came to join us for dinner and think when he heard the appeal results he ran/rushed? back all the way from i was cryin cryin and told wilson "bu4 yao4 kan4 la4" and wiping the tears..woots and he told me to relax..and stopped cryin and washed face but like hands were trembling cuz the tears were hard to control..and were squeezing yucai's hands..cuz i really wanted to cry it all out..haiks

so wilson saw eileen and shimin from the mirror walkin to us and told us"they coming they coming!"and they were like normal and shimin was still smiling here and we didnt know wad to eat so suggested fish and co and off we went dere and had our tok tok and went home..on the way home alone was like super sad and think here think dere and missed my stop..hmms but the fear of walkin home alone in the dark streets and the 2 cats that scared me overcame me..woots then came online and chatted wid jilakat gang till bout 12 i guess..

shimin shimin..throughout these 2 months we've had lots of fun and laughter and it's as if we've known each other for 2 years..forged strong friendships wid her dispite sucha short time..within these 2 short months there are so many many memories..
so dunno howly 4 of us were tgt..think cuz eileen knew shimin long long ago as they were tuition we hang out tgt and at first i thought shimin was quite quiet cuz she never tok much durin da breaks in da canteen..prolly kena shocked of our craziness and loudness..but gradually she also became crazy crazy like us..
she was a super super nice girl..hmms firstly she's a very neat girl..all her notes are so colourful and her words are so neat..and she was very attentive in class and hardworking!she never pon any lessons and we the ponners will borrow her lecture notes to copy..
and me the bad girl kupped her blue pen and used till dere was no ink and went to buy a refill in da end..and owaz ask from her foolscap paper to use and she will say "hao3 xiang3 ba3 ni3 gei3 sha2 le4"in the jokin and funny manner..and i will reply "hao3 ming2 tian1 na3 dao1 gei3 ni3"and i rmbr once i tear out her maths tutorial from her "foolscap book" and she nearly screamed..and wilson was like saying the foolscap was like a book to her..hmms doubt anybody can understand wad i m saying..
and durin breaks she was the "fruit juice girl" cuz she owaz buy fruit juice and also owaz help you cai to buy wahahah..and i rmbr that day after the cuttin cake session wid the seniors she walked all da way to the fruit juice stall to buy eileen a cup of fruit juice and for herself too..woots
and prolly she's also the mnm's peanuts flavour girl..cuz she will buy the chocs and we will kupp from her..
and in the meantime when wilson is tgt wid us he will say to shimin "shimin ni3 bian4 le4!" in the funny manner and the jilakat gang will laugh..rmbr that day in the canteen wilson was sittin tgt wid us and shimin helped me to buy fruit juice(papaya+honeydew) and she came back sayin that she forgot wad i wanted her to help me back and bot me sth else..and i tried the drink and said she was lyin and wilson will say "shimin ni3 bian4 le4!"and other stuffs that we changed her in one way or another..or rather activated her craziness..
and the highlight of this entry!we will go to the igloo and haf our table soccer times..and each of us pay 50 cents each before waitin to report to the third period pe and play one hour of soccer..haha we will owaz sae lets go play soccer!and know that we are reffering to the table shimin and i started bettin..poor me and coward me dont wanna bet on food cuz hafta spend shimin suggested whoever loses hafta carry the winner's file for one full day..cuz we were eskimos on duty on monday and we had the whole igloo for ourselves for some we played the table soccer for fun and started betting..and we kept screamin around when the ball gets near the goalpost..cuz we were like betting against each other and each of us hafta control 4 sticks and were like jumping around from the midfield to the striker and then suddenly scream and run back to the defender and goalkeeper's stick..and she lost!woots and naughty eileen and yucai were all against me cuz dey say dey wanna see me carry shimin lost and hafta carry my super thick and heavy file cuz lazy me never clear the worksheets for the whole of tuesday..and in the end turn out tuesday is the longest throughout the whole of tuesday i was like niaoing her askin her "xing1 ku3 ma1?" and wilson will laugh at her..and so before third period pe we went igloo again and we started betting again..and in da end i lost!we were like screamin and the other class guys playin pool were like "woah..." hmms dunno how to describe not the shocked woah but those weird weird woah..and so play play in the end match point!and it was the last point which decides our fate for the next day and in the end i own goal!den we drop down dere laughing like crazy and so wed i carried her file and in turn jilakat gang and wilson niao-ed me and laugh laugh laugh..woots
hmms wad else..dose taking lame pictures times..and dunno i forget le..but most importantly it's just spendin time wid her and the jilakat gang..dose bhb-ing times in which shimin also became bhb woots..and her spreadin her fever and flu bug to me and then to eileen and then to yucai..
so b4 the release of the appeal results was super scared cuz didnt want the soccer table times to end..after her "departure" so many things reminded us of her..on tuesday onwards was super low..the fruit juice stall,foolscap,correction tape blah blah..seeing them reminds us of her..and now left wid 3 of us..sometimes when yu cai and eileen were walkin in front and i followed dem behind i will think of her..cuz in the past she will stand beside me and walk tgt wid me..
and we owaz miss her..and blurt out sayin "shimin ah shimin"..
when we were online shimin was owaz sayin that we had the same characteristics..cuz we were sagittarius..jus that im not as nice as her..
">06s30<" 4ß·§êh·ørz haiks says:
heyys min thou i seldom sms you
">06s30<" 4ß·§êh·ørz haiks says:
doesnt mean i dun miss you kaes!
">06s30<" 4ß·§êh·ørz haiks says:
so pls be reminded i will owaz miss you
"'>o6s3o<'" [dEspISe] *--MiN--* says:
i noe i noe
"'>o6s3o<'" [dEspISe] *--MiN--* says:
i also miss ya lots!!
"'>o6s3o<'" [dEspISe] *--MiN--* says:
we are the emotional ones la
"'>o6s3o<'" [dEspISe] *--MiN--* says:
i noe ok
"'>o6s3o<'" [dEspISe] *--MiN--* says:
cuz saggi ma!!!
">06s30<" 4ß·§êh·ørz haiks says:
cuz i like seldom sms

hmms had more touching conversations wid her before that...and so jilakat gang was not super high these few days and was rather moody..and i was tellin eileen need some more time for me to tune from 91.3 to 100.3 fm..(tune back to the high frequency)and yep shimin as you've said we'll owaz keep in contact!shopping meetings durin march hols,mugging sessions outside durin june hols to study for mid-yrs..and prolly stayover sessions durin dec hols!best is go overseas tgt woots so sure that it's gonna be super fun!yep now the caocao song is playin on my comp and reminds me of you again..those times dat we sing the kuai4 le4 chong2 which i will say 1,2,3,4!and jilakat gang starts singin..and you will say "hey!" in between the sentences to like be accompaniment?sorry my eng sucks..and dose bridging times in the concourse..and we'll sing caocao and i start singing loudly and wilson wants me to shut up and the others like go diao-ing..and dose many many times dat i've forgotten to write here but i'm sure all of us will rmbr them..
so shimin really hope that you will haf fun in you've said thou vj and tj is only a few bus stops away it's not that near?oops sorry forget wad you say le..yep we'll owaz miss you!friendsforever=)
hope that this is a nice ending..which marks the beginning of a new chapter:)
(pss sorry think this is a lousy entry cuz i'm rather tired le)


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joel, ah ma and shi min... we miss u guys badly... argh!!! plz come back and crash us often... joel... reli missed the times we talk on the bus... ah ma... u reli rock (n roll) man... rollin rollin rollin... i miss ur liang cha... lol... shi min ah shi min... y samuel come thn u go??? y y y tell me y? anyway... w/o u the jilakat gang has cooled down... they r not as siao and hot as b4... haiz... hope they recover their 'siao and hot' form reli soon... it's kinda boring these few days w/o u guys... guess everyone misses u all... anyway xiao cui has bcome the chem rep, jing ru the maths rep and samuel the asst ct rep... but nobody can replace u guys... *sobz* =( hope we can meet up often...

frens & s30 4eva...all the bes!!!

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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

i love s30.. n i hope u guys love me too..


i have been very busy.. very tired.. i try to give my best.. cus as a scout i promised to do my best.. i always try to give my 100%

my spirit may be willing but my body may not be able to take it.. not that i look very sian or wat.. but i m really very tired..

just to let u guys understand.. tmr i need to go fix my messed up pre-u seminar interview. go rockclimbing training. settle my HnF camp stuff. vertical marathon on sunday. so i wont be able to breathe until wed.. so yar.. pls forgive me if i m very slow or something..

to emphasize my tiredness.. not only i fell asleep in econs.. i couldnt recall the locker code combi.. so yar.. n it really didnt help when the whole class of 24 ppl became 5 at suntec.. pls dun pangseh ppl again k? i walked in suntec for 3 hours ALONE because no one came.. not that i extra.. i was hoping someone would be a little more enthu n come along to hang out instead of hugging ur books at home..

sorry to sheryl cus i really too tired.. n cant go for the haig girls school camp.

peace. out.

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Hello ppl!!!

As you all know, my appeal was unsuccessful and here I am, posted to TJ..Normally we would alwaes think that TJ and VJ are just a few bus-stops away but trust me...its really not that near when u are actually there.For the past few daes, orientation was so hard to get over with as I kept questioning myself why I was here and not at Vj..Woah, tell you ah, almost everything that I see or hear makes me think of our school la..The track...the hall...the lecture theatre...the cheers..aiya..yup..everything..I really need time to adjust...

Ok, I shall stop digressing..cuz I'm not here to tell you more about TJ..lolx =) I'm been with s30 for 2 months and we've really been through a lot of things in such a short period of time...all the times we spent doing banners...all the many breaks that we forgo just to settle some SLV thing..all the money that we've spent to make presents for each other on Valentines Dae..and of course, all the friendships that we have managed to forged during that 2 months...I'm no longer a part of this wonderful class and thus all these momories would become even more valuable to me..

Really really want to thank each and everyone of you for making an impact in my life and so lets start of with Paul!

Paul: you're just like the clown in our class, constantly bringing fun and laughter to everyone of us with your comical personality and that ultra fast talking really sounds like machine gun you noe..i could still remember the first time i heard you open your mouth to speak..i got a shock of my life..and oh ya..must make a decision fast ok..its either yuan yuan or bao bao..cannot have both de =)

Fiona: although we never really spent time talking (as in really chatting), you struck me as a very nice person who is jovial as well as helpful to those around you..continue to jia you in everything you do =)

Haiting: Hey hey! we were both from AH but I never really got to know you better until we both got into VJ and into the same class somemore wor! really take my hat off you..u're like so extra intellectual la..give me some tips leh..lolx. and oh ya..u play basketball well..dun believe ask the time during PE we were playing bball remember..and u were like so pro! must maintain ur level of intellect and become the top scorer in VJ nxt time k!

Kenneth: Ah ha...the one who likes anime am I right..alwaes see u discussing with may yee with that excited look on ur face..another 'joker' of the clas i should sae...alwaes making me laugh with ur funny comments...

Bao Hui: Bao Bao!!! you should have recovered from your illness by now already right? must treasure ur 'gang' k..cuz its the only gang that doesnt have anybody missing from it..lucky u ..and oh ya..there would be no more chances for you to call my name during GP lessons just focus on shi tian's name instead k..lolx..i wonder how he will react to it..

Xin Ying: Hey bball de.. i alwaes see you eating at canteen de lo.. stop taking out ur belt really makes u look like a pregnant woman!!

Benji: how was it being an OGL? 'kan bu chu' you are so enthu wor!!so was it fun? i could still remember tt dae when i came back and saw you in the canteen.. although we only talked for a short while, it was truly a conversation that would alwaes remind me of your friendliness..

Ruo Lin: Ruo lin...dunno whether you will still come back and read this blog or not but here's sth to you..u make an extremely good maths rep wor..and so mrs ang must have lost a treasure!!! wishing you all the best in your future JC life in RJ're truly a lucky soul you many people were applying to get into the school and you got in..must grab the chance k..anywae, i'm sure you will =)

May Yee: Plant! how are u doing over dere? heehee..there wun be much more chances for ppl to call you that lo cuz u're all changing uniforms!! should be very glad right..=) really want to thank you for helping me out with the birthdae project such that it was carried out successfully in the end...

Priscilla: till now I'm still not too sure on why you decided to withdraw from joining council just before the elections but i really sure that u would do well if u had continued and i would surely have voted for u =) i think you should have other things in mind ba so may you be successful in the other things that you have in mind..oh ya..those mornings where i walked passed the GO and you were there waving to me really touched my heart...

Jing Ru: Ah..another scholar...lolx..talking to you makes me think that i am becoming more and more clever ..dunno whether the others feel it or not..but ya, just wanna wish you all the best in all the exams, tests and everything k...become a top student together with haiting!!

Xiao Cui: Hey you..stop going to the band room so often!!lolxx..must go for lessons and mix with the others in the class k..or alternatively you can join the other 3..they're short of a member now..=)

Sharrvesh: I alwaes look out for your shoes to verify that you are the sharrvesh from our class!! lolx..that dae i went back to sch and saw ur look-alike..must be ur twin i guess...den i really tot it was u until i looked at the shoes and couldnt see the pair of ultra striking asics shoes!!! lolx..continue to do well in hockey and running ar. you must do better in next year's cross country!

Sheryl: you've got that big sister image you noe..when u dun open ur mouth to smile..u look fierce!! like want to fight liddat..lolx..but actually u're such a sweet and nice girl inside!!!aww...=)

Wilson: CT rep!!! i cannot be ur assistant and help u with ur sai kang lo..dunno whether it should sound happy or sad..still remembered tt time when i found out that i was in the same class as was such a nice feeling uz i really dunno anybody else there tt well and since we have both been in the same class for 2 yrs..i feel relieved!!! u've really done ur part as a CT rep i should sae so dun ever give up and quit CT council wor.. must fight till the end k...thankx for everything that you have done to help me wor and all the best ah...

Raymond: hey..y are you alwaes so quiet...must talk more k? see i never really talk to you so now i dunno wad to sae le how?!!! i only noe u have a really nice ipod..izzit?
oh no..die..i'm such a failure...

Shi Tian: Firstly, jia you in running for house comm wor..all the best ah...and secondly, really wanna thank you for spending time to teach me all abt the double indicator questions =) u really helped me a great big deal to understand the subject better..a pity i'm not in the class le or i really could do with more help =o

Yuan Li: another one who likes to make fun of my name huh...lolx..i'm sure u will continue to enjoy the times spent with the class with ur happy-go-lucky character.bring more jokes to the class seems that they like ur spiderman game so much lo =)

Joel: joel, although you couldnt make it back too, dun despair order to be able to adapt well in a new school, we must remove any perceptions of the place is only then that we are able to accept the new school. there's nth that we can do now except accept the situation all the best over at AJ ar..i will jia you too =)

ok..finally i can talk about my jilakat gang!!!yea..
I have been friends with Eileen since our Pri school daes so I knew that there would not be any problems studying with her. What i didnt expect was I was able to become such good friends with Hui Ting and Yu Cai too..this is really unexpected..although i have only been in the class for a short while..the bond between us have become so very strong that even i cant believe it myself..oh my..3 dunmanians and 1 anglican and we can still become so very close..i'm really least my wish has come true..cuz i've alwaes wished to have a group of close friends in jc where we can go shopping and eating after lesons...all their characteristics were quite similar to mine and i had no problems relating to them...jilakat!! remember the times we spent on table soccerand the bets we had..lolx..the loud that it irritated the hell out of so many others..the gelare outing...k box..kuai le chong bai and JJ lin!! lolxx there are so many many more!! really wish that we can spend more time together and our friendship can withstand the test..thats the only one thing that i can ask for..Eileen, jia you for soccer k..Huiting..u must become a key player for net ball hor..and Yu Cai, its ok if ur piano skills are not as good now..must work hard ok!!!

love-shimin =)

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Monday, March 06, 2006

AJ sucks. That's all i can say about it. The orientation was shit. People please pray really really hard for shi min and me. Results are out later today at 8. Please pray hard. Unity is strength.


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Friday, March 03, 2006

This just totally sucks. It's probably the worst day of my life ever. I just feel like dying. I'm posted out of VJC. AJC. Thats my 4th choice. I want to stay. But everything just seems to be against me. This just isn't a very good year for me. i'm going for general appeal. of coure i hope to get in, but if i don't then s30 would have another casualty. I hope to stay for o2, but i just don't think i can... So many are out of VJ and going to AJ and TJ. Why? Cos VJ is the best school with no Through train. and it's partial 5. And this year is cutoff by HMTL. higher mother tongue. Al those with higher MTL gets in. and the others are out. People with HCL already get bonus 2 points. what makes them so special to get another incentive. Just because they are higher mother tongue?? MOE SUX!! Bias way of posting.

Joel... 06s30(jan' 2006- 2nd mar' 2006?)

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