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Sunday, August 05, 2007

ha! just sian and happened to browse till this blog. so stagnant. but anyway we wont have the time to blog now... prelims is so near and A levels following closely. i guess besides mugging hard and really hard now, most of ya have already thought of which uni to go, local or overseas, which course to take, any scholarships to consider etc etc. ok maybe not for the guys yet la.. since u all have 2 years w/o hair and w/o academic stress... haha yup, very fast 2 years have passed....

sometimes its just so hard to really do what we want to and what we need to. there's just so many things we often complain about. like not enough time, tutorials piling are hindering our own revision, the lecturers speeding through revisions like there's no tmr, which tutor doesn't make sense etc etc. it's kind of frustrating yep, but i guess after almost 12 years of schooling we are somewhat trained to handle such stuff.

so lets work hard now and i really hope we can treasure all our friendships made during our time as Victorians.... oh and then lets have chalet after A's!! but pls rmb to buy food this time, =)

it's the last lap. nil sine labore.

jingru crapped at 6:27 PM