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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

happy cny!

eh no one post on our little outing so i shall post first la.. morning we went to mr foo's house for awhile.. girls played with his little girl renee and she apparently ate alot of new year cookies liao.. so mr foo was quite reluctant to let her have more.. guys sat around and watch open season haha..

we left for mrs toh's house.. and wa.. it was big lol.. went to explore her house.. amazing stuff.. to get smart kids pls rmb to add a 'hai' after the surname x) the wu gui quite cute huh.. but more ppl came to mrs toh's house den mr foo.. mayb cause ppl in the morning got programme or cannot wake up ba.. lol..

bad= nvr get mr foo's angpow.
good= get mrs toh's ice cream lol

den went weisheng's house to play.. i tink i super suay or wat la.. mahjong play so long lose like mad sia.. 5.80 -.- not fair sia.. i only hu twice.. and not cus i blind leh.. cus i plain SUAY... heck.. anyway.. half of the ppl left midway thru our longlonglong mahjong game.. some guys went to soccer and after that do all sorts of stuff la.. steamboat was shuang haha.. den after that play some funny roboegg game den we all went off le..

yay more class outing =))

-=knighty=- crapped at 8:09 PM