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Sunday, October 01, 2006

haha i dunoe anyone still reads the blog.. but anyway. decide to crap sth cos i need to escape from the clutches of econs for a while.

its past 1 am le... = its sunday=left 1 day to promo=left 5 days to end of promos... think this way.. i am actually happy for promos to start. haha. start early finish early. i think the worst part only comes when u receive the papers. haha

i am HUNGRY!! ate dinner at 6 pm. so it was more than 7 hours ago le.. no wonder my stomach growling.. but my house nth to eat leh... both dad and mum sleeping le. only my sis doing some stuff so accompany me stay up lor. should i cook instant noodles? or should i listen to the weighing scale? hmmm. see first lah... if i still want to study maybe eat lor.. hehe

i dun understand econs. first we learn why got demand for good, then we learn about supply, then market structures and conduct. then how market perform. then market fails. then govt intervene. then govt fails. so what do we learn next? maybe how to vote for a govt with good foresight isit? haha that's politics alrdy... hai....

according to the post exam schedule wilson gave us... they kept menitoning PW preparation.. then do we need to attend other lessons also? or whole day in comp lab do OP? school where got so many computers for everyone?? then when get results? not that i very eager to receive lah.. but need to have xin li zun bei mah... haha

eh... where will our chalet be at huh? downtown? or bigger one like maybe civil servants ones? i was thinking maybe i can cook curry chicken for one of the nights... but must see got time not cos got attachment.

i miss the first 3 months. look at those pics in the loop above... don't u feel very nice recalling and will subconsciously smile when u look at them.. haha

the sky is very high. VJC treehouse very nice. i talking nonsense cos dunoe what to say leh... haha okok let me return to the arms of econs... and take care everyone!!!

jingru crapped at 1:17 AM