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Sunday, August 06, 2006

so nat hols any plan to go HQ or go out? but if its on tue i cant go.. =( should go out lar.. all of us relaxed together first then pia our stuff for the next few days.. but PW deadline for 1st draft WR so near.. scary and SPA...

oh for joel, sm and ah ma, we changed econ tutor agn.. not ms lim anymore.. now its a MR lawerence. indian i think haha he not bad lar.. we ask a lot of qn he can ans us quite well, just that he very slow... not say bad cos slow then we can understand better. he isnt very very good. but i dun think i will mind if he is like that for the rest of the time. just scared that new tcher always very good at the start then become lazier and less good as time goes by....

very tempted to pon schl tmr and tue leh... so fei4 go schl for 1 day plus... but got maths lecture on mon.. or else i will be more than glad to miss GP, PW, maths+bio tutorial.. haha. anyone has any idea if we need to wear red/white on tue? but we dun need worry much lar cos DRAcO shirt is red/ white..haha

superband over.. MLB won yeah! 9 pm show also over. should settle down and study le. esp chem. or else mrs toh will come haunting after me... haha

jingru crapped at 11:19 AM