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Friday, August 04, 2006

heez..=p suddenly have the urge to blog in the class blog.. these few weeks got a lot of gan chu... haiz.. dunno why also.. maybe is because of the piling workload and never finishing things to do.. haha.. recently my brain cells like degrading.. aiyo.. cos a lot of time i cant seem to get what others say.. distinguish whether they are being sacarstic, exaggerating or talking nonsense.. haiz.. or i have to take a longer time to understand a joke.. ah! cant stand myself sometimes... haiz.. jr and fio keep saying i am realli very slow.. haha.. sometimes they like also quite sick of explaining to me all over again when i cant understand what they say.. then will often say 'no comments' to me..=p haiz.. *frustrated* maybe sometimes it will be better not to say much, otherwise i will just make a fool of myself.. haha.. can someone donate to me some quick-wittedness..? heez! hmmm.. i dont rmb me being so lag in sec sch days eh.. dunno why recently like that.. like getting worse.. aiyo.. terrible.. well.. nvm.. hopefully it will get better..=p
btw.. gd luck everybody! all the SPA, PW deadlines, tests etc etc.. all streaming in.. so hope that all of us will be able to cope with everything.. muct rmb to stay consistent.. heez.. yup yup.. haha.. dunno why suddenly got so much to say.. normally i wont know what to blog de.. my whole mind will just be blank.. nothing to write in the blog.. haha...


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