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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

hey hey!! holidays already... haha enjoy yourselves while we can still afford.. hehe then jia you and good luck for ur exams preparations.. anyway, mrs ang asked me to collect maths dy/dx assignment at like 6pm on thurs... and fri was full day.. haha so i asked fiona to help me collect.. those in her Pw group get to receive their differentiation assignment back and as for the rest of the class... i dunoe how to give u all unless there's a class outing...

in case u all want to know ur mistakes to revise for exams...i looked through and everyone has these 3 same mistakes...
1) try to leave your answers for differentiation (esp. for trigo dy/dx) in EXACT form... NOT in decimal as much as possible.
2) Must show adequate workings.. some of u like skip a lot of steps then nv show essential workings which can cost you marks....
3) CARELESS! the rest of the mistakes are like you forget to copy a term down or add/ multiply wrongly... just be more careful lar.... who can be blamed for carelessness since the terms of dy/dx are so complicated and confusing.. haha

okay then some of u ran off on thurs after chem spa w/o receiving the ans for last 2 Qns of mathematical induction tutorial.. i scanned in the ans for those who nv get the paper.. but i dunoe how to post in on the blog... i will try la.. if not i will seek the help of those IT-savvy ppl in our class. just make sure u visit our class blog regularly to see if the ans have been uploaded... kkz... that's all i have to say about my work...............................

i watched X-men 3 le.. nv watched x-men 1 /2 but think episode 3 not bad.. exciting lah.. but fiona say the first 2 better.. and rmb: after the credits still got a 5-7 sec scene about the prof... =)

going back in time.. to satisfy joel who wants to know about the soccer match (but i thot joel went? nvm..) .. here it goes:

MJ scored 1-0 by that super pro no. 33. then we equalize to 1-1... after that 2-1 in favour of MJ.... this is first half... then second half very scary... all the way till last 10 mins we have totally no luck in shooting.. even got a penalty but went straight in arms of MJ goalkeeper. =(
then cheering became softer and restless.. suddenly sub in a no. 21 (if i m not wrong) for VJ.. he scored an equalizer to break that scary 2-1 score and changed it to 2-2!!!!! we went super high .. then continuosly in 10 mins we scored another 2 more goals.. 4-2!!! why are we so pro!! haha. MJ was super high before the last 10 mins.. then after that went all quiet. we went crazy after the match la... appealed to mrs chan for 'FULL DAY!' and we got it.=) i was sitting beside wilson.. haha very funny. whenever a MJ player fell down and groaned in pain (be it real or acting one) wilson will shout comments like ' go home la' ,' gu niang la ', 'u dun come play soccer la'... haha then i keep laughing...

ya like that lor.. went out later to celebrate eileen bday at mos burger... only like 10 ppl went. but nvm we got free dessert ( the strawberry with.... is it yoghurt and chocolate?) from the mos burger manager cos we sang a bday song for hamster.. haha must be he see eileen cute lar.. haha if ,my bday maybe he wont give one.. haha

kkz. enough crapping. should be no hw rite? except mugging la. so take care everyone and play/ study hard!!!

jingru crapped at 11:26 AM