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Friday, May 19, 2006

Today was a real hectic day for most people in the class. There were any ups and downs, so i really hope that everyone will be alright no matter the result.

Of course, as everyone know, today was the vj girls b-ball finals, played against HCI. They were the dream team of VJC, the best anyone has ever had. They fought a good fight, but unfortunately slipped away from the championship. Hope Sheryl and Xin Ying won't feel too grieved about it. Cheer up. Relax and be happy no matter what. Cry your heart out and everything will be fine. SMILE. There's always a next year to look forward to =)

For Shi Min, it was her TJC dance concert. Well, hope that you danced well and din have any major screw ups. Jilakat gang must have been there to give you their fullest support. Oh, and did samuel go pick you up after your concert?

And then it was the VJC guitar ensemble concert. Well, the concert had to be a success. I guess everything went on very well. Bao Hui you rock!!! And then the pockeys had to be there cheering and screaming until they had no one else to scream and then they started screaming ah toot... ...

Oh and May yee played against AJ and thrashed them 3-1 until AJ decided not to play the last set...

Well, you guys should have many many hols and half days next week... Have fun!!! rmb to ask me to go hor...

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