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Thursday, April 20, 2006

eh. since wilson and ruo wants someone to blog about sports day. i shall blog

actually everyone wanted to pon sports day. but we had to give may yee face. lol so we turned up anyway.

ok we got our new house tees. it's quite nice. i think draco's is the nicest. hahas. n the material is so comfy. anyway, we had to wear this chilli around our neck and hold a red fan. house identity i guess?? the mascot race was funny. eugene was in the mascot outfit. the dragon is so skinny with a fat tail. haha! he had to hold the tail while he was running. we got third if i'm not wrong. phoenix won but i guess they were disqualified cos they werent actually in a mascot suit. after some events it was the cheerleading. quite interesting. with bimbotic cheerleaders as usal. hahas. yuan. you met your match. anyway.... then it was all the race and running blah blah blah. blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. the catepillar race was quite a failure cos the rope or string or thread or whatever was used to tie their legs broke. okay lastly, aquila won the best house, and cheerleading competition. then mass dance. then home sweet home.

okayy.. eh today was chem test. fantastic experience wasnt it??? hahas. nonsensical questions that dont make sense. esp the last one. or maybe it only doesnt make sense to some of us.

eh i'm a lousy blogger. sorry that i made sports day sound dull. hahas


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