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Thursday, April 27, 2006

well... okay guys... outing will be on 1st May, Labour Day... should be in the morning... i will keep u all updated... it shuld b playing tennis at kenneth's house... we r training ourselves to be the next maria sharapova and federer... anyway, here's the details...

Venue: Kenneth's house near AHS(To eileen: pls don meet at SGH)
Date: 1st May "Labour Day"
Time: Morning
Bring extra set of clothes to change, money and tennis rackets and balls if u have...
Activities: Pool or tennis in the morning. then eat lunch somewhere... then movie? if u all wan... okie...

fiona will inform ah ma
samuel will inform shi min
and bao hui will inform joel

anyway... i heard joel was asking for VJC notes so the reps if u have any extra notes, pls bring it on monday, ok?

oh well... today is a bad day... omg... morning i reach the VJC bus stop, thn it started pouring... thn i wait there... wait and wait... the rain don seem to get lighter so i decided to chiong to VJ... i chiong with my bag above my head thn when i reach vjc... i saw this SC with umbrellas gg to the bus stop to 'save' the others... WTH!?!?!?!? lol... y cant i jus wait a while more... then schul was fine but afta tht... the chem test pawn me... i dono how to ans so many qns even though i have ask samuel, kenneth, raymond, bao hui... almost everyone for hints... me and xiao cui was doing the test in the library... cant bliff mrs toh trust us so much... she jus ask us to collect the test paper from her pigeon hole and then reutrn it after one hour and ten minutes... after the one hour and ten minutes, at least i place the paper back into the pigeon hole but xiao cui went home with the paper!!! how pro! haha...

oh yah... pls remember to vote for may yee! don waste the votes... it wil close on tues... REMEMBER!!!


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