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Sunday, March 12, 2006

here i am bloggin on the clz blog for the first time! be grateful tat i am bloggin. it'syou guys' honour hor!
anyway last wk was such a lousy wk. mainly was cuz of the appeals stuff bah i guess. was quite upset tat shimin cant get in. now jilakat gang lack of one person and we became prisoners san ge hao ren. sucks big time lah!
okae though it had been onli two months plus tat we have together with shimin, it's really a great thing to noe her. mayb it's through eileen that we got to noe her beta and became really wonderful girlfriends. i will rmbr the times tat we spent in the igloo on the table soccer, the crazy singing at kbox, the sharing of beehoon with her after pe, the time when we all got sick together , those bridging and lunatic laughter and more and more fun stuff we did at vj. haiz guess it's fate bah. shimin you must get used to tj okae. i noe it's hard cuz no me equals no fun. but well, you can always drop by vj for some table soccer or apple orange :) will miss ya lots i guess. must go out during hols or once in a while to catch up a bit hor! can mug together for promos an mid year! yeah baby!
anyway shimin, thks a lot for being such a great pal! take care hor! hav fun in tj! we mite be in the same uni yeah~take care ah min. huggs!

ps: joel take care too yeah! ahma hav fun in rj!

yucai :)

-=knighty=- crapped at 9:48 PM