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Monday, March 13, 2006

Guess I'll take the initiative for once and not wait for anyone to ask me to blog, not that I'm waiting for that to happen anytime soon. Sorry for sort of being too quiet and all that, I'll try to change soon, on the account that everyone stops calling me some silent killer or something.
The photos are finally up, well at least some of the more important ones are. I actually already have them burnt quite a while ago and passed the disc to Wilson who subsequently passed it to Kenneth, so those who want the complete set of photos (and some interesting videos)please bug Kenneth for them. The 全家福s (my first usage of the Chinese language in 5 mths)can be found here <> & here <> (albeit without me and Benji). The various grp photos <> (grp 1 i suppose) & (not sure which grp). Yes i know there are 4 grps, don't fret if yours isn't there, just bug Benji for them. May Yee and Xin Ying's photo (as requested by them): <> and a very happy Kenneth: <>. Just click the all sizes button above the photos to get larger-sized ones. I can't get a pro account cos I don't have any credit or debit cards and neither am I willing to pay them (Paul might sponsor) so just make do with the 1024 by 768 one. If you are using some 17" or bigger screens and want to set either of the photos as your wallpaper then I'ld suggest you bug Kenneth yet again for the original pics than make do with ugly pixellation (surely our photos deserve much better than that).
Sorry for boring you guys out with my lack of well-placed smilies and such but this is my first post and I'm not a natural unlike Kenneth. Guess thats all for now.

-=knighty=- crapped at 11:52 PM