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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Heyz u all...pardon me if this post gets screwed up...lolz this is my first time blogging...I think I seriously have no life lar...

Sorry i never go candy fest...hahaz...if i dip my marshmallow into the fountain i think i'll contaminate the whole system...then u'll see like maybe half the draconians visiting i being lame???I already have this condition like for almost a week...Do i need medical help???I like the good thing this illness has given me is an extra low, more manly voice...=P

But other than that i want to thank Joel, Ruo Lin and Shi min for being such great classmates.

I dunno wat to sae...but dun be so sad ok Joel? there's still plenty more years we have to prove ourselves...see you in NS and NUS!!!I will always remember u as one of my best budds in 06S30 along with all the other guys.. You can come to my house to play pool if u like but its beta to ask in advance ok?

Eh Ba-san why never let us see amber gardens??wish u a fun and enriching stay in RJ...have u seen Shaun yet?

Note to shi min: u coincidentally share the same chinese name as my sister...O_O betcha no one knows tat...So im shi min's xiao di di

dats all for now i this okay for a super noob?

+_+ Kenneth +_+

PS:"Shusekki Bangou" mean seat number and "go" mean 5 in jap

PPS:Yuanz teach me how to catch flies with chopsticks and cook snakes and slugs afta your ODAC camp ok?

-=knighty=- crapped at 10:49 PM