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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

i love s30.. n i hope u guys love me too..


i have been very busy.. very tired.. i try to give my best.. cus as a scout i promised to do my best.. i always try to give my 100%

my spirit may be willing but my body may not be able to take it.. not that i look very sian or wat.. but i m really very tired..

just to let u guys understand.. tmr i need to go fix my messed up pre-u seminar interview. go rockclimbing training. settle my HnF camp stuff. vertical marathon on sunday. so i wont be able to breathe until wed.. so yar.. pls forgive me if i m very slow or something..

to emphasize my tiredness.. not only i fell asleep in econs.. i couldnt recall the locker code combi.. so yar.. n it really didnt help when the whole class of 24 ppl became 5 at suntec.. pls dun pangseh ppl again k? i walked in suntec for 3 hours ALONE because no one came.. not that i extra.. i was hoping someone would be a little more enthu n come along to hang out instead of hugging ur books at home..

sorry to sheryl cus i really too tired.. n cant go for the haig girls school camp.

peace. out.

-=knighty=- crapped at 10:31 PM