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Monday, March 13, 2006

The quiz was quite lame yea?? Well dun be too sad if you scored 90 and below... not too bad... and dun jump off the bridge to ECP or anything stupid k kenneth?? Kelly IS xiao cui anyway, just to let you people know =) apparently it's our CT rep and Asst CT rep who scored the full 100 marks yay!! Well the holidays are really getting real boring, staying at home the whole day... Someone ask me out for an outing or something? At least it was better than the tiresome 1 week that has past... Well, to all those 1st time bloggers in s30. Blogging isn't really that difficult yea? Just write watever you want... unleash your true potential as a pro blogger... like tom in i not stupid too... Kenneth your post rox man!! It's so lame it brought a smile to my face... Maybve 1 day someone should ask raymond to blog.

Yuanli: Dun feel too sad being last in the register. I'm always the last, since P1. yes. I also miss seating beside you for lab lessons. Well anyway, now you have a table to yourself. Isn't that better?? =) and crapping with you was fun.. haha.. I really wonder how you're gonna survive OLC... go there with a 40-litre bag, come back become ah ma liao, hunchback...wrinkles... bagy eyes... =X Jkjk... Have fun yea, come back and become macho, or you could come back with your hair in a total mess with twigs all in it...

Seriously i wunder how the people sleeping with paul aka horny in the tent can survice the night... 4 nights or 5? Just imagine late into the night, you as an inspector walking round, then you see this tent shaking vigourously in all directions, hearing horny sounds, ahhh...ahhhh...ahhhhhh...ARHHHHHH!!! That must be paul trying to harass his tent mates, finishing after which he would go *slurp* like he usually does in class... 0_0'''''

Did priscilla go? if she did at least yuan li would haf a ban4 both of them laughing ultra loud at nite... so the 3 of them come back all can catch flies with chopsticks cook slugs and escargots, plucking chicken and quail heads, becoming savage beasts... erps... i shall sign off before it gets any worser...

Btw i still really miss you people. Really like to thank s30 gurls for the v-day foto you gave me... i still hang it up and cherish it T.T


-=knighty=- crapped at 3:34 PM