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Sunday, March 19, 2006

all right, the odac camp was a hell lot more exhaustive than i had expected. on the first day, we went to pulau ubin. there we walked from 9.30am to 7pm with our 25kg bags. then at night we had to set up our own individual brasa. i forgot how to tie the ropes and it was so dark. so i was really desperate. and throughout it all, i was asking myself, what the hell am i doing there when i should be at home on my bed. the second day, we ran around singapore, iuncluding hiking the macritche 4.8km route, then hiking up bukit timah hill through a SUPER steep route also with our bags on. then we had to run arn fort canning park. later we hiked from victoria sch all the way to the far end of east coast where the national sea sports club is. and throughout the journey we had to pretend we have a casualty, meaning we have to ccarry the person with his bag and run like hell. that was terrible. on the third day we kayaked from 9 to 4 then we ran 5.6km. thursday and friday was SO much better. throughout the first 3 days, i half wanted to give up and go home. the camp really made me appreciate the little things we are all so used to, like a can of iced cola or our couch at home.


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