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Saturday, March 18, 2006

i SURVIVED!yea yea..i came back from's a real tiring and super super hiong camp to' my very first experience of attending such a camp.OHH..BT ONE MORE THING, my legs have became pig's trotters..fell down during the climb up and down Kota Tinggi,got quite deep cuts,went to the docter just's wrapped liike a mummie.i looked like some alien when i walked back from the clinic.everyone was just staring at me like some exhibitionist.hmm//sad case, first day to wear my vj uniform with an ugly cast on my legs.haha, my legs are super red now, due to the sunburnts from the 5 to 6 hours of was rellie fufilling for me due to the fact that i'm a handbeller last time.i think i'm quite lousy in the grp, like everyone is so physically strong.i think i got the worst injuries out of all the trainees in the camp.hmm..the selection of instructors not out yet,but i rellie enjoyed the camp.there's some times i rellie wanted to give up, haha.but i rellie needed to push my self to carry on.the most gruelling day was day 3.after kayaking for abt 6 hours, feeling super tired and sunburnt, we came back to vj and ran the cross country route, whoots!hahaah,i bet i can lose a few pounds after this camp,after wallking for more than 8 hours on the first day in pulau ubin.OHH,not to forget, got this freaking damn spider spun its web from my ear to my nose lar,during my first nite of sleeping in the barshar tent, damn that even trapped a small tiny insect in that pathetic web.the last day was our happiest day, all of us got to eat MACDONALDS, oh my god, it tasted damn heavenly after so many days of eating bread, energy bars and biscuits!okies, there's so many things to elaborate, but i'm too lazy to write them all down!hehe..tata

-=knighty=- crapped at 8:08 PM