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Saturday, March 11, 2006


its really my 1st time in my entire life
so many things hav happen n think if i don write it down i will regret a few yrs later when i cant remember anithin... but i gonna repeat some stuff hui ting hav said in her entry...

yea it's mondae tat ruin my mood 4 O2...sorry to wilson 4 ponnin O2...not tat i dont giv u face... i was too preoccupied by the appealin stuff...esp shimin's..

i hav known ah min since pri 2 or 3 in tuition klasses all the way up to sec 4 so we r on friendly terms n got closer durin sec 3 n 4 a-maths tuition...where we go 4 bubble tea n play games like bridge or uno under void decks... n oh my gosh when i first stepped into 06s30 i totally freaked out... my jaws dropped!! she is in our klass!! besides sway sway gettin into same klass with yc n ht who hav been in same klass as mi since sec1, shimin is the best present guan yin gave mi 4 the first 2 mths...

den mi n shimin joined the the same n med trng was great with her around and i still remember durin some of the games we played, the 2 of us hav quite a number of good perfect passes which earn the coach's shouts of "good play!!" ...oh man the best ball with her was when i got cornered in a corner n managed to pass the ball down the left flank n the ball subsequently ended in the soccer net...the image is still in my mind...sob...will never for med soc when i pon she will jus cover up for mi now tat she is in tj i dunno to continue med soc not as i will feel so bloody lonely n left out...she is a great fren to hav around... alwaes not leavin u out... now when dere is free time b4 soccer trng i feel real sad if i m left alone to rot since yc n ht hav their own stuff n cca to do too...oh man miss ah min badly...

yep she is real nice, hardworkin n responsible gurl.. it is vj's loss 4 not acceptin her appeal.. she never pon lesson even if she is sick she will even drag herself to the igloo cold lt5 4 chem.. it is the soccer team loss of a great right midfield...haiks... jus wish soccer gals team was more established n so she could use soccer to come it...

oops i said too much sad stuff in front... ok here comes some cool facts i bet huiting dont even know abt shimin... ah min hav some fave phrases like: "pi-gu(as in butt)" n if u did somethin quite bad n u tell her bout it she will sae "good!" cheekily...she is a very fun person to b wif... once durin soccer training i thot i sat on some wet mud that got stuck to my pants... so i asked her if there is anithin on my butt she replied got... ur pants lo...when i heard that i was shocked!! she really become as siao n haywire as huiting n i le...oh n she conferred huiting the title bird leong!! haha... n oh ya ah min is very generous think her 2 mths here dono treat the rest of jilakat how many times le... or shuld i sae we kupped her food!! lol...ya n as bird-bird hav said she alwaes help us buy drinks esp fruit juice... n she is really outgoin... once, mi, ht n yc wanted to go to tj carnival n gelare outin at parkway to meet old sec 4 klassmates, ah min agreed readily to our request when we ask her to join us... think the best part was k box sessions with her n table soccer in igloo... realli miss those 'kbox sessions" we held in the concourse n canteen... haha think we drove the rest of klass crazy with our quite awful singin esp mine n huiting's hee...esp kuai le cong bai... i miss hearin shi min sae hey hey!!

now everythin reminds mi of her... go trng think of her esp when i hav to go home alone..go canteen c fruit juice think of her...go igloo think og her n ht soccer bettiongs.. at home packing bag.. see liquid paper n folscap think of her...cos she is alwaes providin us with these stuff durin lessons... go 4 econs lecture think of her,whenever we pon she lend us her notes...go hall 4 assembly,remember the crazy n retarded photo shots we took... oh man I JUS MISS life is jus so sad so sad its a sad sad situation...

the past week is a chore as if time passes so slowly... everyone in jilakat was low... even when i try to put a smile on my face n b isnt gonna our heart we hav lost shimin physically to tjc(we noe we r best frens still!) everyone was quite down... but i m very touched shimin came back to vjc on mon trng n wed soccer friendly srjc...we did well with 4-0 win by the wae..n shimin u played well!!ok shall also apologise to yucai here... sorry for accidentally spilling the f word durin pe on wed... my temper was real bad den n i don like gettin balls smashed up on my face... i noe it wasnt on purpose on ur part cai...sorry gal i m still feelin quite guilty now :P much so... i hope everyone tune back their frequencies after the march hols n get on with life... ah min go out one of dis daes k!!shimin n joel, no matter where u r 06s30 will alwaes
remember u,no matter wad u all do 06s30 will giv u full support!! we love u!! smoochies 4 ya!!smuacks!! shall stop here!!bye bye!!

-=knighty=- crapped at 10:48 PM