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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Hi everyone!! This has probably been the longest and worst week of my whole entire life... The best time this week was to see Kenneth, wilson, shi tian and jing ru at the fountain of wealth. I wrote a dedication to all of you leh...

I guess everyone should know by now that my appeal, sadly is also unsuccessful. Everyday now i go to the other end of singapore all the way at AMK to turn up at AJC. That's the factory building that you see all the way in AMK. haha... Just like shi min, I've also been asking myself the same question... Why not me. Well i've tried my best and it's probably fate that is barring me to study in the same school as all of you. These 2 months were the best times i'll probably have spent in the coming 2 years. All of you are really nice people, including S11. The many times that we've spent together as a class...helping me to campaign for council, SLV, banner painting, the many breaks spent playing asshole taitee and bridge, settling all other stuff. Basically, the things that i want to mention, Shi Min has said it all. Yes, and the most important thing of all, which really made me very reluctant to leave... Forging great friendships... I'm not around with you people anymore, who are really the best and i will cherish these great memories more than ever!!

Like Shi Min, i want to thank the class for everything. It's all deep down from my heart. I'll start with Paul down the list!!:-

Paul: aka horny!! Hey man! You're really a great person who just brings joy to the class with your horny ethnics and words. Haha... i was the one who started giving you the name horny... All the girls and teachers just can't seem to help but laugh when you talk to them with your tongue twisting speed of talking!! You're the first person i knew in s30... So well thx for the laughs. I'll miss you =)

Fiona: Quiet but hardworking girl who just seems to want to get her thoughts and feelings through to everyone. Keep trying. Some day you'll succeed in doing so. Though i've not really got to know you more. I can tell you're a very nice girl who's personality is well, ya jovial.

Haiting: Came to me for a first impression that you're a very quiet girl who is very loner. Well it doesn't seem so... JJ fan!!! So gentle. Haha, the first time i saw you playing pool was well ya at kenneths place where you were thinking of more chinese words than which ball to pocket... haha... go for it man, yo're confirm a potential topscorer in VJ. Work hard gal, i'll be topping AJ before you know it... haha

Kenneth: Hey my lame and gay fren!! You're so full of crappy jokes that really entertain people!!! You're a very nice and obliging person... Many times i ask you go out with me and you did. Continue being lame man, it's god's gift. Make use of it and the class will be alive!! Persue your animae dreams man... Gundam seed destiny, alchemist bla... haha, i'm just not the jap type. Speaking of Jap, learn more of it man, your very lame smile and look on your face would probably make you look jap...OK... i'm being lame... Continue drawing on the GC. I'd like to compete you next time >=)

Bao Hui: Bao Bao!!! Your gang's the best, as shi min has said. 0 casualties... perfect condition. Your girl gang really is the most LOUD and active and always cracking jokes among yourselves and then bursting out in laughter in econs lecture!! Well, i'd probably miss the time when we take the bus back home together. And also the time where i proposed to you in BK PP =) ... It's now a memory...

Xin Ying & Sheryl: Hey bball gals!! Extraordinary sportswomen!! Haha, really very punk gals on the outside, but nice people on the inside. Sheryl: Shimin really described you well enuff and i can't help but to agree.

Benji: You're so freakin lucky you got in with the same points as me. Well, how's being an OGL?? Afterall i was supposed to be one, but now it's just a dream... Stop joining chem/ med soc. Go for something better man... Enthu but don't want to show only...

Hui Ting: Quote:'I'm the hottest gal in town' Who said that i heard from someone... even mr foo was turned off... Hey, to tell you the truth, I LOVE YOU*muackx* so stop spreading scandals about me and bao bao... i'm spreading one now... haha. Youdun look like you haf the netball look or even the sport group but the kind of auntie who plays tong xiao majong... haha... Who's file are you carrying now?

Ruo Lin: aka Ah Ma... i dunno why but if you're reading and revisiting this post, cherish your chance of a lifetime at RJ, for many 1st intakers were kicked out... and unlike you, they cant get back in. I'm sure you'll see the liht at the end of the tunnel at RJ. You really god at naging and hounding people for maths assignment. I'll never forget that...

Yu Cai: Jilakat!! Haha although i've not really known you well enough, but i sure hop that you can cope with life without shi min. How're you coping in CO and piano ensemble? Never mind your piano skills not good la, i'm not much better... Oily Vege...

May Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee: Hey plant stop photosynthesising... Go donn your VJ attire and you'll be brown as i dun know wat... Wateva it is... i really cherish the times that we had taking 135 home and being loud together, but most of the time you... haha, anyway, really ant to thank you for such a nice 2 months... keep in CLOSE CONTACT, we only stay a road away... oh, may be this time you and yuan bao and pris would like to draw you ppl in VJ uniforms, or shi min in Tj or me in Aj...

Priscilla: Hey you're really very unpredictable at times. 1 thing i'll never forget will be my dare... call you and you sounded like you just scolded someone...

Jing Ru: Kangaroo... dun jump until you break another 2 more fingers la... And jiayou!!! You're the only gal left not passing napfa... Dun go join wilson for 3rd period la, later you break an arm... Nice mass dancing with you!!! Go for it... Top A level student in S'pore... JING RU!!! I'll be waiting...

Shi Min: Haiz... cheer up k!! Hope you're adapting to TJ life. Lucky you at least TJ is so close to VJ can see them so often. AJ is miles away from VJ... Anyway... really missed the times we had together... copying your lecture notes when seating beside you, cheering for you during the House Soccer Event... great memories.

Xiao Cui: Oi Chem rep!! Dun go to sick bay liao la, and dun pon lecture camp inside band room... later everyone no chem lecture notes ar... Just a tip from me... Mrs Toh LOVES to pick on the chem rep... be careful. Finish all your tutorials, espacially CHEM!!!

Sharrvesh: Ar! You i'll never forget. My first indian friend who goes about calling me 'ZHOU'. No one has called me that. You're the first man. And with your striking shoes... you're just too unforgetable to be even forgetable... plus the fact i get to see your face everyday in AJ... ya your twin, sheeva. Sometimes it just makes me want to walk up and start talking to him, but i just can't. So near yet so far...

Wilson: Yes... 2 months are just like 2 years. I really miss the days where we go back together... talk about all the whatevernots and everything. It's just well... i dunno wat to say. But these were the greatest memories i'll ever cherish. You're a great CT rep... Jia you!! Go run for CT chairman... overturn leslie's reign!! Still remember what happened on the first PE lesson and your encounter with TAN YOU HWEE... it's normal actually. All JCs you go, the pe dept cannot be messed around with..

Raymond: Silent killer... You're a really good listener. Serious. Go be more enthu... show everyone you're not silent... But thanks really for listening to the rants i've been complaining to you about everytime we go back together.

Shi Tian: Dun worry. You're not forgotten. Yes... go all out for it. go for house comm together with may yee. I'll give you my moral support. Tell me when voting opens man... apparently i can still log in to the vj blackboard. Dun feel too stressed you seem like you're so gonna go mad... Take a deep breath and relax... it's only the start.

Eileen: Little vampire... That's my impression of you. Everytime you start baring your teeth and go 'arrrrrrr' and the many times you all scream at the foosball table... you are really not looking like what you are when i first saw you...i tot you're the very chinese and quiet kind who goes home after school everyday immediately. Turn out you're such a cool gal!

Yuanli: Yucks Yuan!! Bimbo!! Haha you just have so many things i can think of. You and your spiderman... Your BIG ROUND AND STARING eyes... bla bla bla... Though so soft spoken, you're never a bit soft... Haha i know you always kena by wilson one... who knows man one day there will be internal affairs... ... ... ... jkjk

Joel: This is for the VJ Joel. I'll never be the same person at AJ no matter how hard i try. I know i have to adapt to life there and i probably have to throw my fun side back at VJ... The past 2 months has seen me go through lots of ups and downs and really foster strong ionic hydrogen covalent wateva bonds there are, and friendship bonds which can never be broken... i have left something with all of you in s30. Name of Jilakat Gang... given by me=) and horny also me... andi can't remember... there's just too many things i'm thinking bout you all now...

Well and last but not least to Samuel, David, Shu Gen(haha my first thought was tree root no offense though), Shi Yuan and Rui something...: Enjoy your time here man and gal. This is the best ct in VJC. You'll never find any other class just as crazy as us!!!

Well, some last words to the different gangs:

Da guys: We're all in a gang everytime...wilson, paul, shitian, kenneth, raymond, me... benji ar stop straying away... class spirit man... Dun ever leave me out the next time you all go play pool hor... Call me... Aj the phone reception is very good. You need a trick shot champion around...

Jilakat gang: First time i heard huiting shout JILAKAT when playing bridge in the concourse. Anyway i aso din know what it meant la so i was like nvm. Then the whole gang started to shout Jilakat... the Kalaji... you're really a crazy gang. Then the net moment huiting started singing, and then the rest joined in...-.-" with that kind of singing... pls go join musicfest... i think thats wat i said. And at the igloo, screming your lungs out over a small little ball... but it's the fun of it. I miss it. I douti'll even be able to see it at Aj.

The mouldy oreo gang: Yep plus a plant... Continue drawing your uniforms and cracking jokes... Your gang is the luckiest not to have any casualties... best of frens yea? All the time we talk lame stuff and go back together...

The scholar gang: led by none other than our very own kangaroo with 10 A1s... you'll be the pride of s30. Average students, as mr foo says... And i see you have been fast in recruiting a replacement for the unreplaceable ah ma =) class bonding.

Last but not least to my seniors s11: Choon Yong, Andrew, George, Puei San, Hong Jun, Yan Ning, Izam, Rui Qi, Do-an-na... Thx for all the fun and laughter this crazy gang has brought and inculcated into s30 and me. Love all of you. Unforgetable times, like JTS... and special thx to puei san my angel whom i was not able to guess until 13th Feb...

Well i guess i shall end here. Wo3 shi4 you3 yuan2 wu2 fen4 with VJ and s30. It's been a really enjoyable time with all of you. There's no banquet that never ends. mine has ended with s30... Let's keep in contact kaes? Luv ya... And 1 thing i really realised when i got to AJ. You girls are really Chio bus man. Hui ting are you happy?... i'm serious. I Just came to realise how shuai VJ guys are and how chio vj gals are... Take a tennis ball throw surely is can one. AJ really cmi... tata... signing off

Joel aka JZ aka Zhou

-=knighty=- crapped at 9:44 PM