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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Hello ppl!!!

As you all know, my appeal was unsuccessful and here I am, posted to TJ..Normally we would alwaes think that TJ and VJ are just a few bus-stops away but trust me...its really not that near when u are actually there.For the past few daes, orientation was so hard to get over with as I kept questioning myself why I was here and not at Vj..Woah, tell you ah, almost everything that I see or hear makes me think of our school la..The track...the hall...the lecture theatre...the cheers..aiya..yup..everything..I really need time to adjust...

Ok, I shall stop digressing..cuz I'm not here to tell you more about TJ..lolx =) I'm been with s30 for 2 months and we've really been through a lot of things in such a short period of time...all the times we spent doing banners...all the many breaks that we forgo just to settle some SLV thing..all the money that we've spent to make presents for each other on Valentines Dae..and of course, all the friendships that we have managed to forged during that 2 months...I'm no longer a part of this wonderful class and thus all these momories would become even more valuable to me..

Really really want to thank each and everyone of you for making an impact in my life and so lets start of with Paul!

Paul: you're just like the clown in our class, constantly bringing fun and laughter to everyone of us with your comical personality and that ultra fast talking really sounds like machine gun you noe..i could still remember the first time i heard you open your mouth to speak..i got a shock of my life..and oh ya..must make a decision fast ok..its either yuan yuan or bao bao..cannot have both de =)

Fiona: although we never really spent time talking (as in really chatting), you struck me as a very nice person who is jovial as well as helpful to those around you..continue to jia you in everything you do =)

Haiting: Hey hey! we were both from AH but I never really got to know you better until we both got into VJ and into the same class somemore wor! really take my hat off you..u're like so extra intellectual la..give me some tips leh..lolx. and oh ya..u play basketball well..dun believe ask the time during PE we were playing bball remember..and u were like so pro! must maintain ur level of intellect and become the top scorer in VJ nxt time k!

Kenneth: Ah ha...the one who likes anime am I right..alwaes see u discussing with may yee with that excited look on ur face..another 'joker' of the clas i should sae...alwaes making me laugh with ur funny comments...

Bao Hui: Bao Bao!!! you should have recovered from your illness by now already right? must treasure ur 'gang' k..cuz its the only gang that doesnt have anybody missing from it..lucky u ..and oh ya..there would be no more chances for you to call my name during GP lessons just focus on shi tian's name instead k..lolx..i wonder how he will react to it..

Xin Ying: Hey bball de.. i alwaes see you eating at canteen de lo.. stop taking out ur belt really makes u look like a pregnant woman!!

Benji: how was it being an OGL? 'kan bu chu' you are so enthu wor!!so was it fun? i could still remember tt dae when i came back and saw you in the canteen.. although we only talked for a short while, it was truly a conversation that would alwaes remind me of your friendliness..

Ruo Lin: Ruo lin...dunno whether you will still come back and read this blog or not but here's sth to you..u make an extremely good maths rep wor..and so mrs ang must have lost a treasure!!! wishing you all the best in your future JC life in RJ're truly a lucky soul you many people were applying to get into the school and you got in..must grab the chance k..anywae, i'm sure you will =)

May Yee: Plant! how are u doing over dere? heehee..there wun be much more chances for ppl to call you that lo cuz u're all changing uniforms!! should be very glad right..=) really want to thank you for helping me out with the birthdae project such that it was carried out successfully in the end...

Priscilla: till now I'm still not too sure on why you decided to withdraw from joining council just before the elections but i really sure that u would do well if u had continued and i would surely have voted for u =) i think you should have other things in mind ba so may you be successful in the other things that you have in mind..oh ya..those mornings where i walked passed the GO and you were there waving to me really touched my heart...

Jing Ru: Ah..another scholar...lolx..talking to you makes me think that i am becoming more and more clever ..dunno whether the others feel it or not..but ya, just wanna wish you all the best in all the exams, tests and everything k...become a top student together with haiting!!

Xiao Cui: Hey you..stop going to the band room so often!!lolxx..must go for lessons and mix with the others in the class k..or alternatively you can join the other 3..they're short of a member now..=)

Sharrvesh: I alwaes look out for your shoes to verify that you are the sharrvesh from our class!! lolx..that dae i went back to sch and saw ur look-alike..must be ur twin i guess...den i really tot it was u until i looked at the shoes and couldnt see the pair of ultra striking asics shoes!!! lolx..continue to do well in hockey and running ar. you must do better in next year's cross country!

Sheryl: you've got that big sister image you noe..when u dun open ur mouth to smile..u look fierce!! like want to fight liddat..lolx..but actually u're such a sweet and nice girl inside!!!aww...=)

Wilson: CT rep!!! i cannot be ur assistant and help u with ur sai kang lo..dunno whether it should sound happy or sad..still remembered tt time when i found out that i was in the same class as was such a nice feeling uz i really dunno anybody else there tt well and since we have both been in the same class for 2 yrs..i feel relieved!!! u've really done ur part as a CT rep i should sae so dun ever give up and quit CT council wor.. must fight till the end k...thankx for everything that you have done to help me wor and all the best ah...

Raymond: hey..y are you alwaes so quiet...must talk more k? see i never really talk to you so now i dunno wad to sae le how?!!! i only noe u have a really nice ipod..izzit?
oh no..die..i'm such a failure...

Shi Tian: Firstly, jia you in running for house comm wor..all the best ah...and secondly, really wanna thank you for spending time to teach me all abt the double indicator questions =) u really helped me a great big deal to understand the subject better..a pity i'm not in the class le or i really could do with more help =o

Yuan Li: another one who likes to make fun of my name huh...lolx..i'm sure u will continue to enjoy the times spent with the class with ur happy-go-lucky character.bring more jokes to the class seems that they like ur spiderman game so much lo =)

Joel: joel, although you couldnt make it back too, dun despair order to be able to adapt well in a new school, we must remove any perceptions of the place is only then that we are able to accept the new school. there's nth that we can do now except accept the situation all the best over at AJ ar..i will jia you too =)

ok..finally i can talk about my jilakat gang!!!yea..
I have been friends with Eileen since our Pri school daes so I knew that there would not be any problems studying with her. What i didnt expect was I was able to become such good friends with Hui Ting and Yu Cai too..this is really unexpected..although i have only been in the class for a short while..the bond between us have become so very strong that even i cant believe it myself..oh my..3 dunmanians and 1 anglican and we can still become so very close..i'm really least my wish has come true..cuz i've alwaes wished to have a group of close friends in jc where we can go shopping and eating after lesons...all their characteristics were quite similar to mine and i had no problems relating to them...jilakat!! remember the times we spent on table soccerand the bets we had..lolx..the loud that it irritated the hell out of so many others..the gelare outing...k box..kuai le chong bai and JJ lin!! lolxx there are so many many more!! really wish that we can spend more time together and our friendship can withstand the test..thats the only one thing that i can ask for..Eileen, jia you for soccer k..Huiting..u must become a key player for net ball hor..and Yu Cai, its ok if ur piano skills are not as good now..must work hard ok!!!

love-shimin =)

-=knighty=- crapped at 12:15 PM