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Saturday, March 11, 2006

heh..i came to blog.ha.finally.hmm..let me start off by saying that i miss Joel, SSSHHHIIImin and roulinggg.
Joel, really glad that u have thought thru and u should enjoy urself in has a very good principal there..haha.dun make ur life miserable, it's the way u wanna live ur life,so just be uself--no regrets!!i miss crapping with u more chem prac partner..i'm sitting all by myself at the lonely seat in the lab,sadly,i'm the last register again.
SHHIminn..i mis calling ur name mr choy is calling shiyuan and shitian the way he called u.anw, enjoy urself in tj too.i bet u can make friends easily,u'rea very sociable girl..wilson misses u,the whole class must go out again kaes!jilarkat gang seems so quiet nowadays without u. rj?all of us miss u!i miss making fun of u..drinking from ur leaking water bottle which is always wrapped in plastic bag.i saw ur same converse bag in the canteen..i tot u came,but i tot rongly..haha!really hope to see u soon!.

currently..real busy preparing for ODAC.had precamp today..quite tiring,think it's gonna be real tough, mentally and physically torturing for the 5day camp!feeling quite everyone has experience of making tents and stuff, and they're all from uniform zai.haix, and i'm like from handbell, feel so weak inside the group!but nvm, i shall encourage myself..hehe.hope i really can survive thru.even if im not selected, at least i went thru this experience.hope to be a fufilling one.hope i can come back in one piece...wonder how's the night walk..oh my..should be damn scary,bt i trying not to think abt it.everyone should be busy attending their camps this march more first 3 months and playing asshole taidi anytime anywhere.oh ya,thanks wilson,for giving so many situations to expect for this camp.haha,u act scared me..that's all everyone...tata

-=knighty=- crapped at 10:44 PM