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Thursday, March 09, 2006

woots i'm finally bloggin..

hmms dunno how to start..before monday during the weekends was like super scared for shimin..didnt want our fun days to end..
so on monday..i think monday i experienced the worst emotional rollercoaster i've ever had in my whole freaking day started out with the jilakat gang minus shimin in the hall and we were like quite high and laming o2 was rather sian so we started ponnin..prolly not that it was sian but cuz we didnt haf any mood..hmms so me,eileen and you cai went to parkway and wanted to meet shimin dere but she went back to vj to ask bout her appeal we went to kbox haha..and eileen left us for soccer shortly me and you cai were singin in kbox and were super high jumping around and screamin around..but jus wanted to scream and in the midst of singin will think of shimin and get worried for her and sit at the sofa and say "how how?"

so we managed to cheat 2 hours of singin time and sang till bout 7..and we went to parkway to rot cuz hafta wait for their call regardin the appeal results and wait for their soccer to end and come haf dinner wid us..and were practically rotting at parkway walkin around and thought of buyin shimin cards..but never bot in da end..cuz didnt know wad to buy and it was too last we sat down on the benches near the anderson's icecream at the escalator dere..each time we received a sms or when we sensed the vibration of our phones our hearts will skip a beat..super at bout 7plus 8 the phonecall came..and eileen told you cai "cannot" and you cai said out "cannot?" and i asked you cai "cannot?"woots..haiks so anyway obviously her appeal failed and dere was a moment of silence..and we started crying..dunno tears jus fell down..and we went to the toilet wantin to wash our faces dere in case shimin saw our state and in da end we cried terribly super terribly..and wilson came to join us for dinner and think when he heard the appeal results he ran/rushed? back all the way from i was cryin cryin and told wilson "bu4 yao4 kan4 la4" and wiping the tears..woots and he told me to relax..and stopped cryin and washed face but like hands were trembling cuz the tears were hard to control..and were squeezing yucai's hands..cuz i really wanted to cry it all out..haiks

so wilson saw eileen and shimin from the mirror walkin to us and told us"they coming they coming!"and they were like normal and shimin was still smiling here and we didnt know wad to eat so suggested fish and co and off we went dere and had our tok tok and went home..on the way home alone was like super sad and think here think dere and missed my stop..hmms but the fear of walkin home alone in the dark streets and the 2 cats that scared me overcame me..woots then came online and chatted wid jilakat gang till bout 12 i guess..

shimin shimin..throughout these 2 months we've had lots of fun and laughter and it's as if we've known each other for 2 years..forged strong friendships wid her dispite sucha short time..within these 2 short months there are so many many memories..
so dunno howly 4 of us were tgt..think cuz eileen knew shimin long long ago as they were tuition we hang out tgt and at first i thought shimin was quite quiet cuz she never tok much durin da breaks in da canteen..prolly kena shocked of our craziness and loudness..but gradually she also became crazy crazy like us..
she was a super super nice girl..hmms firstly she's a very neat girl..all her notes are so colourful and her words are so neat..and she was very attentive in class and hardworking!she never pon any lessons and we the ponners will borrow her lecture notes to copy..
and me the bad girl kupped her blue pen and used till dere was no ink and went to buy a refill in da end..and owaz ask from her foolscap paper to use and she will say "hao3 xiang3 ba3 ni3 gei3 sha2 le4"in the jokin and funny manner..and i will reply "hao3 ming2 tian1 na3 dao1 gei3 ni3"and i rmbr once i tear out her maths tutorial from her "foolscap book" and she nearly screamed..and wilson was like saying the foolscap was like a book to her..hmms doubt anybody can understand wad i m saying..
and durin breaks she was the "fruit juice girl" cuz she owaz buy fruit juice and also owaz help you cai to buy wahahah..and i rmbr that day after the cuttin cake session wid the seniors she walked all da way to the fruit juice stall to buy eileen a cup of fruit juice and for herself too..woots
and prolly she's also the mnm's peanuts flavour girl..cuz she will buy the chocs and we will kupp from her..
and in the meantime when wilson is tgt wid us he will say to shimin "shimin ni3 bian4 le4!" in the funny manner and the jilakat gang will laugh..rmbr that day in the canteen wilson was sittin tgt wid us and shimin helped me to buy fruit juice(papaya+honeydew) and she came back sayin that she forgot wad i wanted her to help me back and bot me sth else..and i tried the drink and said she was lyin and wilson will say "shimin ni3 bian4 le4!"and other stuffs that we changed her in one way or another..or rather activated her craziness..
and the highlight of this entry!we will go to the igloo and haf our table soccer times..and each of us pay 50 cents each before waitin to report to the third period pe and play one hour of soccer..haha we will owaz sae lets go play soccer!and know that we are reffering to the table shimin and i started bettin..poor me and coward me dont wanna bet on food cuz hafta spend shimin suggested whoever loses hafta carry the winner's file for one full day..cuz we were eskimos on duty on monday and we had the whole igloo for ourselves for some we played the table soccer for fun and started betting..and we kept screamin around when the ball gets near the goalpost..cuz we were like betting against each other and each of us hafta control 4 sticks and were like jumping around from the midfield to the striker and then suddenly scream and run back to the defender and goalkeeper's stick..and she lost!woots and naughty eileen and yucai were all against me cuz dey say dey wanna see me carry shimin lost and hafta carry my super thick and heavy file cuz lazy me never clear the worksheets for the whole of tuesday..and in the end turn out tuesday is the longest throughout the whole of tuesday i was like niaoing her askin her "xing1 ku3 ma1?" and wilson will laugh at her..and so before third period pe we went igloo again and we started betting again..and in da end i lost!we were like screamin and the other class guys playin pool were like "woah..." hmms dunno how to describe not the shocked woah but those weird weird woah..and so play play in the end match point!and it was the last point which decides our fate for the next day and in the end i own goal!den we drop down dere laughing like crazy and so wed i carried her file and in turn jilakat gang and wilson niao-ed me and laugh laugh laugh..woots
hmms wad else..dose taking lame pictures times..and dunno i forget le..but most importantly it's just spendin time wid her and the jilakat gang..dose bhb-ing times in which shimin also became bhb woots..and her spreadin her fever and flu bug to me and then to eileen and then to yucai..
so b4 the release of the appeal results was super scared cuz didnt want the soccer table times to end..after her "departure" so many things reminded us of her..on tuesday onwards was super low..the fruit juice stall,foolscap,correction tape blah blah..seeing them reminds us of her..and now left wid 3 of us..sometimes when yu cai and eileen were walkin in front and i followed dem behind i will think of her..cuz in the past she will stand beside me and walk tgt wid me..
and we owaz miss her..and blurt out sayin "shimin ah shimin"..
when we were online shimin was owaz sayin that we had the same characteristics..cuz we were sagittarius..jus that im not as nice as her..
">06s30<" 4ß·§êh·ørz haiks says:
heyys min thou i seldom sms you
">06s30<" 4ß·§êh·ørz haiks says:
doesnt mean i dun miss you kaes!
">06s30<" 4ß·§êh·ørz haiks says:
so pls be reminded i will owaz miss you
"'>o6s3o<'" [dEspISe] *--MiN--* says:
i noe i noe
"'>o6s3o<'" [dEspISe] *--MiN--* says:
i also miss ya lots!!
"'>o6s3o<'" [dEspISe] *--MiN--* says:
we are the emotional ones la
"'>o6s3o<'" [dEspISe] *--MiN--* says:
i noe ok
"'>o6s3o<'" [dEspISe] *--MiN--* says:
cuz saggi ma!!!
">06s30<" 4ß·§êh·ørz haiks says:
cuz i like seldom sms

hmms had more touching conversations wid her before that...and so jilakat gang was not super high these few days and was rather moody..and i was tellin eileen need some more time for me to tune from 91.3 to 100.3 fm..(tune back to the high frequency)and yep shimin as you've said we'll owaz keep in contact!shopping meetings durin march hols,mugging sessions outside durin june hols to study for mid-yrs..and prolly stayover sessions durin dec hols!best is go overseas tgt woots so sure that it's gonna be super fun!yep now the caocao song is playin on my comp and reminds me of you again..those times dat we sing the kuai4 le4 chong2 which i will say 1,2,3,4!and jilakat gang starts singin..and you will say "hey!" in between the sentences to like be accompaniment?sorry my eng sucks..and dose bridging times in the concourse..and we'll sing caocao and i start singing loudly and wilson wants me to shut up and the others like go diao-ing..and dose many many times dat i've forgotten to write here but i'm sure all of us will rmbr them..
so shimin really hope that you will haf fun in you've said thou vj and tj is only a few bus stops away it's not that near?oops sorry forget wad you say le..yep we'll owaz miss you!friendsforever=)
hope that this is a nice ending..which marks the beginning of a new chapter:)
(pss sorry think this is a lousy entry cuz i'm rather tired le)


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