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Friday, February 03, 2006

WTF!!! I got so blur trying to add in all the contacts from our senior class over to our website, but apparently something wrong happened and i still haven't figured it out yet. So those who wants to sorry just wait. I think i'm probably gonna come out with a design real soon, but i can't create the background... my fren help me make the bg... I'm thinking of adding a photo album like the one on the VJ website. Looks quite cool lar. I think i'm gonna try and replicate 1, bo bian then just copy and paste lor...^^; Anyway, I think i'm stupid... or the well, stupider than most of you... haha. Maybe i close my ears for lectures AND tutorials... All work also dunno how to do. And that mrs toh hor, seems so bad la, i know she got no ill intentions but the thing she says sound so sarcastic... like benji the dog... and today target me... THIS IS YOUR CHEM REP DO ONE...-.-" I shall be forgiving... And well francis isn't that bad lar...I waved to my ogl today and he was beside him and he waved back...i was like -.-" haha...

Today was also IGLOO opening... bao bao yuan yuan xin ying and sheryl and i was there...and so was horny. =) They had some ice breaking thing to find the key to the lounge. Creative!! and when they found the key, they poured sprite down 1 level. Guess who was underneath it?? bao bao, yuan yuan, horny and me. And the one doing the sai kung was in the shelter... but heng la i was not wet=) but horny wasn't THAT lucky...

Anyway, hope all of us will still be stuck together after next week's results. GOOD LUCK to everyone!!! This is the craziest class in VJ!!! The chao enthu-est class!!! lol... anyway goodnight!!! sWEeT DREAMS to and yuanz: you know wat i mean rite =X


-=knighty=- crapped at 11:20 PM