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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Frenship Day!! Everyone!!! To both gurls and guys of S30 and S11 =) Thx for all your help in helping me to write all those small stuff and everything including pasting the posters... Much appreciated everyone!!! I'll make sure I get into council. And when I get in, all of you won't be dumped aside =)... You all must vote for me ok?? You must!! And please don't forget Priscilla!!! Vote for her!!! To all the Gurls: Thx for all the photos and everything!! To Puei San: If you happen to be looking, THX for your gifts... Well hidden angel... i only realised it like in the weekends... And OMG i was VERY VERY VERY shocked when Cynthia, my mortal actually gave me something!! Continue to give me your unwavering support!! So now at least Mr Foo's calling me PRES!! And to Brian: please don't offer any more of your baked INSECTS to anyone... Not everyone's such a good eater like you... Well you could try Mrs Chan next time... I know Tan You Hwee Harm Chi... It really doesn't taste that great... i almost puked... Puei San and Doanna had to come and ask if i was ok... LOL!! But well it's a great day today, except that everyone just walked out during frenship dance... ZZZ -.-" Wat's so wrong about that... I mean it's a mass dance right?? OGLs espacially ar... O1 that time so enthu... now all just run away... :P
Well I got balloons... and chocolates... Everyone seemed so shocked when i gave them big boxes of chocs and cookies!! Take care... Dun fall sick... and the song's now FRENSHIP DANCE!!!

Lots and Lots of Love ... xoxoxoxo Joel Zhou a.k.a. JZ a.k.a. wateva you wan to call me...

~|30j crapped at 9:07 PM